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Xinjiang shilüe 新疆識略

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(Qinding) Xinjiang shilüe (欽定)新疆識略 "(Imperially Endorsed) Concise Description of the New Borderlands" is a book on Xinjiang 新疆, formerly known as Eastern Turkestan. The book was compiled between by Xu Song 徐松 and was submitted to the throne in 1821 by Song Yunli 松筠厘. The main text is 12 juan "scrolls" long, and there is an appendix of 1 juan. The book is headed by a concise history of the conquest, compiled by the Qianlong Emperor 乾隆 (r. 1735-1796), called Zhungar quanbu jilüe 準噶爾全部紀略, and an account of the submission of the Torghut Mongols, Turhute quanbu guishun ji 土爾扈特全部歸順記. The proper text begins with a general geographic description of the country, a more precise description of the lands north and south of the Tianshan Range 天山, the rivers of Xinjiang "New Borderlands", and then provides maps of the region, and particularly the Yili region, which were the borderlands to Russia. The book then takes the shape of a local gazetteer and gives insight into the location and size of military garrisons, military colonies, granaries, the tax quota and yields, arsenals, border posts, and the native peoples. These informations are based on archival sources of the central administration of the Qing. The book is important to known more about the administration of Eastern Turkestan after its conquest by the Qing dynasty.It was printed directly after its submission to the throne, and there is a lithographic reprint from GX 20. In 1966 the Wenhai press 文海出版社 in Taibei republished the text in the collectaneum Zhongguo bianjiang congshu 中國邊疆叢書.


Source: Gao Wende 高文德 (ed. 1995), Zhongguo shaoshu minzu shi da cidian 中國少數民族史大辭典 (Changchun: Jilin jiaoyu chubanshe), p. 1671.

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