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Chinese History - Ten States Emperors and Rulers

Periods of Chinese History
Go to the particular states via the following table reflecting approximate geographical and relative chronological distribution:

regionearlier statelater state
northwestWestern Xia 西夏
Five Dynasties
northLater Liang 後梁, Later Tang 後唐, Later Jin 後晉, Later Han 後漢, Later Zhou 後周
Ten States
SichuanFormer Shu 前蜀Later Shu 後蜀
HubeiJingnan 荊南 (Nanping 南平)
GuangdongSouthern Han 南漢
Jiangxi/JiangsuWuSouthern Tang 南唐
FujianMin 閩 [Yin 殷, Qingyuan 清源]
ZhejiangWu-Yue 吳越
ShanxiNorthern Han 北漢

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