An Encyclopaedia on Chinese History and Literature

The Ten States 十國 (902~979)

Wu 吳 (902-937)

Former Shu 前蜀 (907-925)

Wu-Yue 吳越 (907-978)

Min 閩 (909-945)

Southern Han 南漢 (917-971)

Jingnan 荊南 (Nanping 南平; 924-963)

Chu 楚 (926-951)

Later Shu 後蜀 (934-965)

Southern Tang 南唐 (937-975)

Northern Han 北漢 (951-979)

The Ten States (Shiguo 十國, 902~979) were short-lived autonomous polities, some ruled by emperors, some by kings, founded in southern China as successor states of the great Tang dynasty 唐 (618-907). Most of them were by and by conquered by Zhao Kuangyin 趙匡胤, eventual founder of the Song dynasty 宋 (960-1279).

This chapter of the encyclopaedia gives an overview of the political, social and economic history of the Ten States, their geography, and provides a list of all rulers.