An Encyclopaedia on Chinese History and Literature

Chinese Literature

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Confucian Classics
易經 (周易) Yijing (Zhouyi) "The Book of Changes"
尚書 (書經) Shangshu (Shujing) "The Book of Dokuments"
詩經 (毛詩) Shijing (Maoshi) "The Book of Songs"
周禮 Zhouli "Rites of the Zhou"
儀禮 Yili "Rites and Ceremonies"
禮記 Liji "Records of Rites"
春秋左傳 Chunqiu-Zuozhuan "The Spring and Autumn Annals" and Zuo's Commentary
孝經 Xiaojing "The Book of Filial Piety"
孟子 Mengzi "Master Meng"
論語 Lunyu "The Confucian Analects"
中庸 Zhongyong "The Doctrine of the Mean"
大學 Daxue "The Great Learning"
經解 Jingjie Commentaries on the Classics
Yue Books on Music
爾雅 Erya The Erya Glossary
小學 Xiaoxue Lexicography
[蒙學] [Mengxue] [Elementary Learning]
Historiography and Statecraft
正史 Zhengshi Official Dynastic Histories
編年 Biannian Annals and Chronicles
紀事本末 Jishi benmo Historical Events in their Entirety
別史 Bieshi Alternative (Unofficial) Histories
雜史 Zashi Histories on Miscellaneous Topics
詔令奏議 Zhaoling zouyi Edicts and Memorials
傳記 Zhuanji Biographies
史鈔 Shichao Excerpts from History Books
載記 Zaiji Regional Histories and such of Autonomous States
時令 Shiling Edicts Concerned with the Seasons
地理 Dili Geography
職官 Zhiguan Books on State Offices
政書 Zhengshu Writings on Statecraft and Administration
目錄 Mulu Bibliographies and Catalogues
史評 Shiping Historical Critique
Masters and Philosophers
儒家 Rujia Confucian Books
兵家 Bingjia Military Books
法家 Fajia Legalist Treatises
農家 Nongjia Agriculture and Agronomy
醫家 Yijia Medicine and Pharmacology
天文算法 Tianwen suanfa Astronomy and Mathematics
術數 Shushu Divination
藝術 Yishu Art
譜錄 Pulu Material Culture and Nature Studies
雜家 Zajia Books on Miscellaneous Issues
類書 Leishu Encyclopaedias and Handbooks
小說家 Xiaoshuojia Novellas and Stories
釋家 Shijia Buddhist Books
道家 Daojia Daoist Books
Belles-Lettres and Collections
楚辭 Chuci "Poetry of the South"
別集 Bieji Collections of Individual Writers
總集 Zongji Anthologies and Collections
[叢書] [Congshu] [Series]
詩文評 Shiwenping Literary Critique
詞曲 Ciqu Songs and Arias