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Chinese History - Military and Civilian Governors of the Provinces 各省軍民政府 1911-1949

Periods of Chinese History
Approximate geographical distribution of the provinces. Special administration regions are in italics, independent regions in [] brackets. Provinces marked with an asterisk * were created later than 1912 and (except Taiwan and Ningxia) abolished later.
Communist polities (e.g. Jiangxi soviets) are not listed.

N Chahar 察哈爾 Heilongjiang 黑龍江
Xinjiang 新疆 [Menggu 蒙古] Suiyuan 綏遠 Rehe (Jehol) 熱河 Jilin 吉林
Gansu 甘肅
Ningxia* 寧夏
Shaanxi 陜西 Shanxi 山西 Zhili 直隸 (Hebei 河北)
Shuntian 順天府 (Jingzhao 京兆府)
Fengtian 奉天 (Liaoning 遼寧)
[Qinghai* 青海] Hubei 湖北 Henan 河南 Shandong 山東
Chuanbian 川邊 (Xikang* 西康) Sichuan 四川 Hunan 湖南 Anhui 安徽 Jiangsu 江蘇
[Xizang 西藏 (Tibet)] Guizhou 貴州 Jiangxi 江西 Zhejiang 浙江
S Yunnan 雲南 Guangxi 廣西 Guangdong 廣東 Fujian 福建
Taiwan(*) 台灣
From 1928 there were 12 specially adminstrated cities (tebieshi 特別市): Beiping 北平 (by "usurpers" renamed Beijing), Chongqing 重慶, Dalian 大連, Guangzhou 廣州, Hankou 漢口 (modern Wuhan 武漢), Harbin 哈爾濱, Nanjing 南京 [capital], Qingdao 青島, Shanghai 上海, Shenyang 瀋陽, Tianjin 天津, Xi'an 西安, Xiamen 廈門 (created by "usurpers").
The "Usurpatorious Government" of Manzhou created the provinces of Andong 安東, Bei'an 北安, Binjiang 濱江, Dong'an 東安, Heihe 黑河, Hongtua 通化, Jiandao 間島, Jinzhou 錦州, Longjiang 龍江, Mudanjiang 牡丹江, Sanjiang 三江, Siping 四平, Xing'an 興安 (East, West, North, South). These are not listed here, like the post-1945 provinces Andong 安東, Hejiang 合江, Liaobei 遼北, Nenjiang 嫩江, Songjiang 松江, and Xing'an 興安.

Translation of titles:
duban 督辦 Provincial superintendent (Dec 1924-1928)
duban junwu shanhou shiyi 督辦軍務善後事宜 Provincial superintendent remeding military affairs (Anhui)
dudu 都督 Provincial military governor (1911-Jun 1914)
dujun 督軍 Governor-military (Jul 1916-Dec 1924)
duli 督理 Provincial supervisor (Shandong)
duli junwu shanhou shiyi 督理軍務善後事宜 Provincial supervisor remeding military affairs (Shandong, Henan)
duli junwu shoushu shiyi 督理軍務收束事宜 Provincial supervisor comprising military affairs (Henan)
hujunshi 護軍使 Protector-commissionary (Fujian)
jiangjun 將軍 Provincial general (Jun 1914-Jul 1916)
minzhengzhang 民政長 Head of civil government (1911-May 1914)
shengzhang 省長 Provincial head (Jul 1916-1928)
sheng zhuxi 省主席 Provincial chairman (1926-1949)
xun'anshi 巡按使 Pacification commissioner (May 1914-Jul 1916)
xunfu 巡撫 Provincial governor (Qing)
zongdu 總督 Governor-general (Qing)
zongsiling 總司令 commander-in-chief

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