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Persons in Chinese History - Wei Yuandi 魏元帝 Cao Huan 曹奂

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Emperor Wei Yuandi 魏元帝 (r. 260-265), personal name Cao Huan 曹奂, original name Cao Huang 曹璜, courtesy name Cao Jingming 曹景明, was the last ruler of the Cao-Wei dynasty 曹魏 (220-265). He was a grandson of Cao Cao 曹操 and a son of Cao Yu 曹宇, Prince of Yan 燕. He was given the title of Duke of Changdaoxiang 常道鄉公, owner of a small territory in the district of Anci 安次. When emperor Cao Mao 曹髦 died, he was chosen by regent Sima Zhao 司馬昭 to succeed to the throne, and his personal name was subsequently changed from Huang (phonetically similar to huang 皇 "emperor") to Huan. At that time he was onyl 15 sui old. As before, the real power was in the hands of Sima Zhao. Cao Huan was given a Lady Bian 卞 to his main consort. In 263 the army of Wei conquered the empire of Shu 蜀漢 (221-263, modern Sichuan) and founded the province of Liangzhou 梁州. In the following year Sima Zhao was made Prince (King) of Jin 晉. The potentate was succeeded by his son Sima Tan 司馬炎 in 265, as both Prince of Jin and Counsellor-in-chief. He did not hesitate very long to dethrone Cao Huan, demoted him to Prince of Chenliu 陳留 and proclaimed the Jin dynasty. Cao Huan died in 302 and was given the posthumous title of Emperor Yuan.

Source: Chen Quanli 陳全力, Hou Xinyi 侯欣一 (ed. 1988), Diwang cidian 帝王辭典 (Xi'an: Shaanxi renmin jiaoyu chubanshe), p. 54.

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