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Zang Ba 臧霸

May 31, 2016 © Ulrich Theobald

Zang Ba 臧霸, courtesy name Xuangao 宣高, was a military officer of the early Wei period 曹魏 (220-265). He hailed from Hua 華 in the commandery of Tai’an 泰安 (today in Shandong) and was locally known for his martial spirit. He was a follower of Tao Qian 陶謙 in the fights against the Yellow Turban rebellion 黃巾起義 as a commandant of cavalry (jiduwei 騎都尉). Later on he became a general of the warlord Lü Bu 呂布, and then joined Cao Cao 曹操. The latter rewarded Zang Ba with several honorific titles, like Township Marquis of Wu'an 武安鄉侯, Marquis of Kaiyang 開陽侯, and then of Liangcheng 良成侯. His participation in Cao Xiu's 曹休 campaign against the southeastern warlord Sun Quan 孫權 yielded him the title of Chamberlain for the Imperial Insignia (zhijinwu 執金吾). His posthumous title was Marquis Wei 威侯.

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