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Wujing daquan 五經大全

The Four Categories of Literature
The Wujing daquan 五經大全 "The Complete Meaning of the Five Classics" is a collection of Neo-Confucian commentaries to the Five Confucian Classics (Wujing 五經). The collection was compiled under the supervision of the Ming period 明 (1368-1644) scholar Hu Guang 胡廣 (1369-1418) and was promulgated by the emperor in order to spread Neo-Confucian thought. Hu Guang, courtesy name Hu Guangda 胡光大, came from Jishui 吉水, Jiangxi and excelled in the state examination in 1400. He was thereupon appointed editor in the Hanlin Academy (Hanlin xiuzhuan 翰林修撰) and in 1407 promoted to professor (Hanlin boshi 翰林學士) and then Grand Academician (daxueshi 大學士) of the Zuochun Quarter 左春坊. In 1416 he was promoted to Grand Academician of the Hall of Literary Profundity 文淵閣. His posthumous title is Hu Wenmu 胡文穆公.
The Wujing daquan, with a whole length of 154 juan "scrolls", also served as a standard textbook for the preparations to the state examination. The Wujing daquan was a parallel project to the Sishu daquan 四書大全. Both collections were finished in 1413.
The five texts of the collection were also published as individual texts. They is included in the imperial collectaneum Siku quanshu 四庫全書.

五經大全 Wujing daquan
(Ming) 胡廣 Hu Guang et al. (comp.)
書名, length in juan Title Author(s)
周易大全 (周易傳義大全) 二十四卷 Zhouyi daquan (Zhouyi zhuanyi daquan) (Song) 程頤 Chen Hao, 朱熹 Zhu Xi (zhu 注); 董楷 Dong Kai, (Yuan) 胡一桂 Hu Yigui et al. (shu 疏)
書傳大全 十卷 Shuzhuan daquan (Song) 蔡沈 Cai Shen (zhu 注), (Yuan) 陳櫟 Chen Li, 陳師凱 Chen Shikai (shu 疏)
詩經大全 (詩傳大全) 二十卷 Shijing daquan (Shizhuan daquan) (Song) 朱熹 Zhu Xu (zhu 注), (Yuan) 劉瑾 Liu Jin (shu 疏)
禮記大全 三十卷 Liji daquan (Yuan) 陳澔 Chen Hao (zhu 注) et al.
春秋大全 七十卷 Chunqiu daquan (Song) 胡安國 Hu Anguo (zhu 注), (Yuan) 汪克寬 Wang Kekuan (shu 疏)

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