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Huang-Qing zouyi 皇清奏議

Jul 3, 2010 © Ulrich Theobald

Huang-Qing zouyi 皇清奏議 "Memorials of the August Qing" is a collection of memorials submitted to the emperors of the Qing dynasty (1644-1911). The most important memorials by ministers submitted to the throne of the were published in several compilations.

The first publication was issued by a scholar called Qinchuan Jushi 琴川居士 "Scholar of the Zither River" around 1800 and included 581 selected memorials (zouyi 奏議) in 68 juan presented by ministers and officials from the beginning of the Shunzhi reign-period 順治 (1644-1661) to the end of the Qianlong reign-period 乾隆 (1736-1795).

The memorials are arranged chronologically and contain issues of political, economical and even cultural content. The book was published two times, once during the Jiaqing reign-period 嘉慶 (1796-1820), and once during the Guangxu reign-period 光緒 (1875-1908). In 1935 the Republican historian Luo Zhenyu 羅振玉 (1866-1940) added 31 pieces from the Jiaqing reign-period in further 4 juan, selected from manuscripts.

A later publication selected about 600 memorials from the Daoguang reign-period 道光 (1821-1850) to the Guangxu reign-period, in 64 juan, imitated the Huang-Qing jingshi wenbian 皇清經世文編 and included memorials to much more subjects, like law, institutional reform, foreign affairs, household registration, military, and much more.

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