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Liang-Han zhaoling 兩漢詔令

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Liang-Han zhaoling 兩漢詔令 "Edicts and Decretes of the Two Han Dynasties" is a collection of imperial edicts from the Han period 漢 (206 BCE-220 CE) compiled by the Song-period 宋 (960-1279) scholars Lin Lü 林慮 and Lou Fang 樓昉.

The 23-juan long book is divided in to two parts, namely Xihan zhaoling 西漢詔令 (12 juan), including edicts from the Western 西漢 or Former Han period 前漢 (206 BCE-8 CE) and compiled by Lu Lü, and Donghan zhaoling 東漢詔令 (11 juan), compiled by Lou Fang who collected surviving edicts from the Eastern 東漢 or Later Han period 後漢 (25-220 CE).

The Northern Song-period 北宋 (960-1126) scholar Lin Lü, courtesy name Dezu 德祖, hailed from Wujun 吳郡 (modern Suzhou 蘇州, Jiangsu), and was a clerk (yuan 掾) in the prefectural administration of the capital Kaifeng 開封 (modern Kaifeng, Henan). He began with his collection because he was very disappointed about the abbreviated mode with which many of Han edicts were quoted in historical records. His collection includes 401 documents and was published in 1109 (date of preface). The Southern Song-period 南宋 (1127-1279) scholar Lou Fang, courtesy name Yangshu 暘叔, style Yuzhai 迂齋, added a collection of Eastern Han documents that was published in 1222.

The whole collection is enriched by a treatise on the topic, Hong Zikui's 洪咨夔 ((1176-1236) Liang-Han zhaoling zonglun 兩漢詔令總論. The collection is to be found in the series Siku quanshu 四庫全書.

Example 1. Twenty-four edicts pronounded by Emperor Gaozu 漢高祖
(1) 諭諸縣鄉邑(元年十一月) Proclamation to all district magistrates and village heads
(2) 為義帝發喪告諸侯(二年三月) Announcement to all regional rulers about the burial of Emperor Yi 義帝
(3) 祠祭詔(二年) Decree on state sacrifices
(4) 立楚王梁王詔〈五年正月 Decree on the investiture of the kings of Chu and Liang
(5) 赦天下(五年正月) General amnesty throughout the empire
(6) 封長沙王詔(五年二月) Decree on the investiture of the King of Changsha
(7) 封閩粤王詔(五年二月) Decree on the investiture of the King of Min-Yue
(8) 復諸侯子等詔(五月) Decree on the restoration of ranks of nobility
(9) 令善遇高爵詔(同前) Decree on treatment with favours and reward with high ranks
(10) 赦天下(六年十二月) General amnesty throughout the empire
(11) 詔擇齊荆王(六年十二月) Decree on the selection of the Kings of Qi and Jing
(12) 封爵之誓 Oath about investitures and ennoblements
(13) 乂 (a decree of doubtful authenticity on the protection of the imperial family's sovereignty)
(14) 尊太上皇詔(六年五月) Decree on bestowing the title of Grand High Emperor (on his majesty's father)
(15) 賜韓王信書(六年秋) A letter of present to Xin, the King of Han
(16) 疑獄詔(七年) Decree on disputable judgments
(17) 擇代王詔(十一年正月) Decree on the selection of the Prince of Dai
(18) 獻費詔(十一年二月) Decree on the purchase of ranks
(19) 求賢詔(同前) Decree on the search for worthies
(20) 立南粤王詔(五月) Decree on the investiture of the King of Nanyue
(21) 議立吳王詔(十二年十月) Decree on discussion about the investiture of the King of Wu
(22) 置守冢詔(十一月) Decree on the tomb guards
(23) 赦燕吏民詔(二月) Decree on the amnesty of the petty officials in the princedom of Yan
(24) 三月詔 Decree of the third month
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