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Mingshanzang 名山藏

The Four Categories of Literature
Mingshanzang 名山藏 "Storehouse of Mt. Mingshan" is a privately written history of the early and high Ming period 明, compiled in a biographical style (jizhuanti 紀傳體). The author is He Qiaoyuan 何喬遠. The biographies and treatises are arranged in 37 different typological categories (ji 記). The book was compiled in a time when the Ming dynasty experienced her "Indian summer" and was therefore only conceptualized as an overview for the general reader interested in the dynasty and the people shaping her. The Mingshanzang was printed in 1640 with a length of 106 juan "scrolls". A faksimile has been published in 1993 by the Beijing daxue press 北京大學出版社.

1.-29. 典謨記 Dianmo Emperors
30.-32. 坤則記 Kunze Empresses
33.-34. 開聖記 Kaisheng
35. 繼體記 Jiti
36.-40. 分藩記 Fenfan Local administration
41.-42. 勳封記 Xunfeng
43.-45. 天因記 Tianyin
46.-47. 輿地記 Yudi Geography
48. 刑法記 Xingfa Penal law
49. 河漕記 Hezao River transport
50. 漕運記 Zaoyun Transport on the Grand Canal
51. 錢法記 Qianfa Money
52. 兵制記 Bingzhi Military
53. 馬政記 Mazheng Horse administration
54. 茶馬記 Cha-ma (s.l. 茶法 Chafa?) Tea tax
55. 鹽法記 Yanfa Salt tax
56.-83., 86. 臣林記 Chenlin Ministers
84.-85. 儒林記 Rulin Literati
87. 俘賢記 Fuxian Hidden worthies
88. 宦者記 Huanzhe Eunuchs
89.-90. 列女記 Lienü Eminent women
91.-94. 臣林雜記 Chenlin zaji Ministers, miscellaneous
95. 宦者雜記 Huanzhe zaji Eunuchs, miscellaneous
96. 高道記 Gaodao Monks
97. 本士記 Benshi
98.-99. 本行記 Benxing
100. 藝妙記 Yimiao Literature
101. 貨殖記 Huozhi Economy
102. 方技記 Fangji Magicians
103.-104. 方外記 Fangwai Foreign countries
105.-109. 王享記 Wang Xiang

Source: Xie Guozhen 謝國楨, Wei Zuhui 韋祖輝 (1992), "Mingshanzang 名山藏", in Zhongguo da baike quanshu 中國大百科全書, Zhongguo lishi 中國歷史 (Beijing/Shanghai: Zhongguo da baike quanshu chubanshe), Vol. 2, p. 662.

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