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Pingding Guizhou Miaofei jilüe 平定貴州苗匪紀略

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(Qinding) Pingding Guizhou Miaofei jilüe (欽定)平定貴州苗匪紀略 "(Imperially endorsed) Military history of the pacification of the native bandits of Guizhou", short (Qinding) Pingding Miaofei jilüe (欽定)平定苗匪紀略 or Pingding Miaofei fanglüe 平定苗匪方略, is a history on the suppression of the rebellion of the Miao tribes 苗 of the province of Guizhou by the Qing dynasty 清 (1644-1911). It was compiled on official order under the supervision of Chen Bangrui 陳邦瑞 (b. 1855) and submitted to the throne by Prince Ihin 奕訢 (1833-1898) in 1892. It is part of a set of the military annals (fanglüe 方略) called Pingding qisheng fanglüe 平定七省方略 "Military annals of the pacification of the seven provinces".

The 40-juan long book is also known under the name of Pingding Miao fei fanglüe 平定苗匪方略 "Miliary annals of the pacification of the Miao bandits".

In 1855, the Miao tribes of Guizhou rose in rebellion in the secondary prefecture of Taigong 臺拱廳 (modern Taijiang 臺江, Guizhou) under Zhang Xiumei 張秀眉 (1822-1872), who unified the rebels under the auspices of religious promises. Withing two years, Zhang was able to conquer a lot of districts in Guizhou and to instigate the rebellion of other native tribes in Tianzhu 天柱 and Shiqian 石阡. The Qing army suppressing the rebellion was first commanded by Tian Xingshu 田興恕 (1836-1877) and Jiang Zhongyi 江忠義 (1835-1864). In 1867, Xi Baotian 席寶田 (1829-1889) took over command of the Army of Hunan (Xiangjun 湘軍) and was able not only to reconquer some district but also to crush come of the bamboo-fence fortresses (jingzhuyuan 荊竹園) of the rebels. In 1872, larger contingents from neighbouring provinces were dispatched, and Zhang Xiumei was arrested.

The book begins in 1855 and covers the whole campaign against the unruly native tribes in Guizhou until 1881. It mainly consists of excerpts and full quotations from edicts and memorials the greatest part of which is also included in the Veritable Records Qingshilu 清實錄. The emperor wrote a preface in 1896, the year in which the book was printed by the Imperial Household (neiwufu 內務府). It was again printed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 外務部 in 1902.

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