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Pingding huijiang jiaoqin niyi fanglüe 平定回疆剿擒逆裔方略

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Pingding huijiang jiaoqin niyi fanglüe 平定回疆剿擒逆裔方略 "Military annals of the arrestation and extinction and the Muslim rebels of Xinjiang" is a history on the suppression of the insurrection of the Khoja Jahāngīr 張格爾 by the Qing dynasty 清 (1644-1911). The book is 80 juan "scrolls" long and was compiled on official order under the supervision of Cao Zhenyong 曹振鏞. It covers the time from 1820 to 1828. Jahāngīr was a grandson of Burhan ad-Din who had been defeated during the Qianlong reign 乾隆 (1736-1795). The reasons for Jahāngīr's "holy war" are to be sought in the mismanagement of the responsible grand minister consultant governing Xinjiang. In 1824 he occupied the cities of Kashgar 喀什噶爾, Inggishahr 英吉沙爾, Yerkand 葉爾羌 and Khotan 和闐. The campaigns against the uprising was commanded by Yang Yuchun 楊遇春 and Changling 長齡. Jahāngīr was arrested and executed. The book was officially printed but is only rarely available.

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