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Ping Qian jilüe 平黔紀略

Ping Qian jilüe 平黔紀略 "Concise report on the pacification of Guizhou" is a book on the rebellion of Miao 苗 tribes in Guizhou between 1854 and 1873. It was written by Luo Wenbin 羅文彬 and Wang Bing'en 王秉恩, finished in 1879, but first published in 1919, but based on original sources from the time. In the 1850s many natives in southwest China used the turmoils of the Taiping Rebellion to make themselves free of Chinese dominance. The rebellion started in Zunyi 遵義 and spread over the whole province. The Qing 清 (1644-1911) court, occupied with the war gainst the Taiping kingdom, had greatest problems to reach the southwestern provinces, but after the defeat of the Taiping in 1864 military forces were thrown against the Miao tribes. The book is an important source for the study of southwest China during the late Qing period, but must he read with care, as there are also misinterpretations included. It is part of the collectaneum Qiannan congshu 黔南叢書 (1938).

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