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Qingji waijiao shiliao 清季外交史料

Sep 9, 2010 © Ulrich Theobald

The collection Qingji waijiao shiliao 清季外交史料 "Sources to the history of foreign relations during the Qing period" with a length of 269 juan was compiled by Wang Yanwei 王彥威 (1842-1904) and his son Wang Liang 王亮.

Wang Yanwei, original name Wang Yutang 王禹堂, courtesy name Taofu 弢夫, style Li'an 藜庵, hailed from Huangyan 黃岩, Zhejiang. He had been a high member of the Council of State (junjichu 軍機處) during the late Qing period 清 (1644-1911) and thus had access to its archive and the offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (zongli yamen 總理衙門).

The collection of memorials, edicts, treatises and correspondeces was printed in 1934. It covers the foreign relations of the Guangxu 光緒 (1875-1908) and Xuantong 宣統 (1909-1911) reign-periods and includes also material about Chinese diplomatic missions to foreign countries (xixun 西巡), and many indexes, tables and maps. The richness of the primary sources make it an important complement to the Chouban yiwu shimo 籌辦夷務始末.

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