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Huang-Song tongjian jishi benmo 皇宋通鍳長編紀事本末

Jul 11, 2010 © Ulrich Theobald

Huang-Song tongjian jishi benmo 皇宋通鍳長編紀事本末 "Extended historical events from the August Song dynasty in their entirety", also called Xu zizhi tongjian changbian jishi benmo 續資治通鑒長編記事本末, is a history of the Northern Song period 北宋 (960-1126) written in the particular style of "historical events in their entirety" (jishi benmo 紀事本末).

The 150-juan long book was written by the Southern Song period 南宋 (1127-1279) scholar Yang Zongliang 楊仲良 (fl. 1200), courtesy name Mingshu 明叔, style Liuxi 柳溪, after a restructuring of the events described in the chronicle-style history Xu zizhi tongjian changbian 續資治通鍳長編, written by Li Tao 李燾 (1115-1184). In the restructuting process. Yang Zhongliang used the original text of Liu Tao's history but wrapped it in separate thematical themes that provided a compact and coherent history. It is the first book to imitate the style of the jishi benmo histories that had been invented by Yuan Shu 袁樞 (1131-1205) and his book Tongjian jishi benmo 通鍳紀事本末.

The Song tongjian jishi benmo was of importance for the reconstruction of some lost chapters (seven years between 1064 and 1097) of the Xu zizhi tongjian changbian which was done by the Qing-period 清 (1644-1911) historians Huang Yizhou 黄以周 (1828-1899) and Qin Xiangye 秦緗業 (1822-1883). They also wrote large commentaries to Li Tao's book which were separately published as the 60-juan long book Xu zizhi tongjian changbian shibu 續資治通鍳長編拾補.

The oldest moveable-character print was produced in 1819 by Zhang Jinwu 張金武. In 1881 a text-critical edition was published by Huang Yizhou in the Zhejiang Printing House (Zhejiang Shuju 浙江書局), based on the edition in the Wanlange 文瀾閣 version of the series Siku quanshu 四庫全書, the 1819 Airijinglu Studio 愛日精廬 edition, and a Song-period print. In 1979 and 1991 the Zhonghua Book Company (Zhonghua Shuju 中華書局) published a modern edition in 25 volumes. The Shanghai guji press 上海古籍出版社 published in 1986 a reprint of Huang Yizhou's edition, in 5 volumes.

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