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Zhaodai dianze 昭代典則 "Canonic regulations of Our Glorious Dynasty"

Zhaodai dianze 昭代典則 "Canonic regulations of Our Glorious Dynasty" is an administrative history of the Ming period written by Huang Guangsheng 黃光昇(also written Huang Guangsheng 黃光升), courtesy name Huang Mingju 黃明舉, during the Wanli reign XXX. Huang came from Jinjiang 晉江, Fujian, obtained his jinshi degree during the Jiajing reign 嘉靖 (XXX) and was Minister of War (bingbu shangshu 兵部尚書), later XXX 右副都御史巡撫四川,改督川、湖、貴州軍務,擢刑部尚書.
In his 28 juan "scrolls" long book, printed in 1600, he describes the relations between the emperors, their highest ministers, and other court officials between 1352, when Zhu Yuanzhang (Emperor Taizu 明太祖, r. XXX), the eventual founder of the Ming dynasty, rose in rebellion, and the Longqing reign 隆慶 XXX of Emperor Muzong 明穆宗. Many regulations were applied to concrete cases, like the administration of the imperial court or military campaigns. The text is arranged in the mode of great "guidelines" (gang 綱) that encompass a group of smaller topics (limu 列目) whose articles are listed chronologically. The book is most detailed on the reign of Emperor Taizu, who created a large amount of strict regulations by which he aimed at controlling the many court officials, but also the imperial princes. The book of Huang is a rich source for the history of the first part of the Ming period, but it cannot strictly be relied on in any case. During the Qianlong reign XXX of the Qing period the circulaton of the book was prohibited. It is included in the descriptive list of forbidden books, the Qingdai jinshu zhijian lu 清代禁書知見錄.

吉林文史出版社 《簡明中國古籍辭典》 第623頁 XXX 《四庫大辭典 上》 第901頁

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