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Xiaocitang shumu 孝慈堂書目

Dec 17, 2019 © Ulrich Theobald

Xiaocitang shumu 孝慈堂書目 "Catalogue of the Hall of Filial Piety and Paternal Benevolence" is a private bibliography written by Wang Wenyuan 王聞遠 (1663-1741), courtesy name Shenghong 聲宏, style Lianjing 蓮涇.

It is divided according to the four traditional categories of the Confucian Classics, historiography, "Masters and philosophers", and belles-lettres, and 85 sub-categories that were somewhat different from the traditional ones, and mainly adapting Qian Zeng's 錢曾 (1629-1701) categories used in his catalogue Dushu minqiu ji 讀書敏求記.

Many of these were novelties in comparison to the old system, for example, texts on state seals (Guoxi zhuanke 國璽篆刻), on family rituals (Jiali 家禮), collations (Jiaoshu 校書), official missions (Yixing 役行), imperial tomb mounds (Lingqin 陵寢), biographic collections of specified places (Renwu 人物) or literary collections on specified places (Wenxian 文獻). The bibliography notes the names of the text, authors, length in fascicles (juan) and physical volumes, whether there were prefaces or introductions, the form of the text (print or manuscript), the history of the copy owned by Wang Wenyuan, and for some also critical comments.

The catalogue was republished in the series Guangutang shumu congke 觀古堂書目叢刻 and Ziyuan xiansheng quanshu 郋園先生全書 by Ye Dehui 葉德輝 (1864-1927).

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