An Encyclopaedia on Chinese History, Literature and Art

Persons of the Qing Period

A [top]
A-gui 阿桂 see Agūi
Agūi 阿桂 eminent statesman (mid-Qing)
Ao-bai 鰲拜 see Oboi
B [top]
Bi Yuan 畢沅 governor and scholar (mid-Qing)
C [top]
Cai Qian 蔡牽 adventurer (mid-Qing)
Chen Huacheng 陳化成 governor-general (mid-Qing)
Chen Li 陳澧 philosopher (late Qing)
Chen Yucheng 陳玉成 military commander of the Taiping Kingdom (late Qing)
Cixi 慈禧 see Empress Dowager Cixi 慈禧太后
Coxinga see Zheng Chenggong 鄭成功
D [top]
Dai Zhen 戴震 philosopher (early Qing)
Dorgon 多爾袞 prince regent for the Shunzhi Emperor
Duo-duo 多鐸 see Dodo
Duo-er-gun 多爾袞 see Dorgon
Duan Yucai 段玉裁 scholar (mid-Qing)
E [top]
E-er-tai 鄂爾泰 see Ortai
Empress Dowager Cixi 慈禧太后 regent for several emperors (late Qing)
F [top]
Fan Wencheng 范文程 eminent statesman (early Qing)
Fang Bao 方苞 philosopher (mid-Qing)
Feng Guifen 馮桂芬 scholar (late Qing)
Feng Zicai 馮子材 military commander (late Qing)
Fu-heng 傅恒 see Fuheng
Fuheng 傅恒 eminent statesman (mid-Qing)
G [top]
Gong Zizhen 龔自珍 writer and philosopher (late Qing)
Gu Yanwu 顧炎武 philosopher (early Qing)
Gu Zuyu 顧祖禹 geographer and book collector (late Ming/early Qing)
Guo Songtao 郭嵩燾 eminent statesman (late Qing)
Guan Tianpei 關天培 military commander (late Qing)
H [top]
He Tengjiao 何騰蛟 military commander (Southern Ming)
He Zhuo 何焯 collector and publisher (early Qing)
Hešen 和珅 influential Bannerman (mid-Qing)
He-shen 和珅 see Hešen
Hong Chengchou 洪承疇 military commander (early Qing)
Hong Liangji 洪亮吉 scholar (mid-Qing)
Hong Rengan 洪仁玕 regent of the Taiping Kingdom (late Qing)
Hong Xiuquan 洪秀全 founder of the Taiping Kingdom (late Qing)
Hu Linyi 胡林翼 eminent statesman (late Qing)
Hu Wei 胡渭 philosopher (early Qing)
Huang Pilie 黃丕烈 collector and publisher (early Qing)
Huang Zongxi 黄宗羲 philosopher (early Qing)
Hui Dong 惠棟 philosopher (mid-Qing)
I [top]
Isin 奕訢 prince regent for the Guangxu Emperor
J [top]
Jaohui 兆惠 military commander (mid-Qing)
Ji Yun 紀昀 governor and writer (mid-Qing)
Jiang Yong 江永 scholar and philosopher (mid-Qing)
Jin Fu 靳輔 eminent statesman (early Qing)
K [top]
Kang Youwei 康有爲 philosopher and reformer (late Qing/Republic)
Kong Guangsen 孔廣森 philosopher (mid-Qing)
L [top]
Lai Wenguang 賴文光 military commander (late Qing)
Le-bao 勒保 see Leboo
Li Dingguo 李定國 military commander (Southern Ming)
Li Gong 李塨 philosopher (early Qing)
Li Guangdi 李光地 eminent statesman (early Qing)
Li Hongzhang 李鴻章 eminent statesman (late Qing)
Li Laiheng 李來亨 usurper (late Ming/early Qing)
Li Wei 李衛 eminent statesman (early Qing)
Li Xiucheng 李秀成 general of the Taiping Kingdom (late Qing)
Li Yong 李顒 philosopher (early Qing)
Liang Qichao 梁啟超 Reformist politician and journalist (late Qing/early Rep)
Lin Zexu 林則徐 governor-general (late Qing)
Liu Mingchuan 劉銘傳 military commander (late Qing)
Liu Yongfu 劉永福 military commander (late Qing)
Lu Wenchao 盧文弨 philosopher (mid-Qing)
Lu Xinyuan 陸心源 book collector (late Qing)
M [top]
Ma Guohan 馬國翰 collector and publisher (late Qing)
Ma Jianzhong 馬建忠 eminent statesman (late Qing)
Mao Qiling 毛奇齡 philosopher (early Qing)
N [top]
Nalan Xingde 納蘭性德 writer and publisher (late Qing)
Nian Gengyao 年羹堯 powerful general (early/mid Qing)
Nu-er-ha-chi 努爾哈赤 see Nurhaci
Nurhaci 努爾哈赤 founder of the Manchu empire (r. 1616-1626)
O [top]
Oboi 鰲拜 prince regent reigning for the young Kangxi Emperor
Ortai 鄂爾泰 eminent statesman (early Qing)
P [top]
Prince Gong 恭親王 see Isin
Prince ... see also proper names
Q [top]
Qian Daxin 錢大昕 philosopher and writer (mid-Qing)
Qian Xizuo 錢熙祚 collector and writer (late Qing)
Quan Zuwang 全祖望 historian and writer (early Qing)
R [top]
Ruan Yuan 阮元 philosopher and publisher (late Qing)
Rong Hong 容閎 (Yung Wing) modern scholar and entrepreneur (late Qing)
Prince Runglu 榮祿 eminent statesman (late Qing)
S [top]
Seng-ge-lin-qin 僧格林沁 see Sengge Rincin
Sengge Rincin 僧格林沁 eminent statesman (late Qing)
Shi Dakai 石達開 leader of the Taiping Kingdom (late Qing)
Shi Kefa 史可法 eminent statesman (late Ming)
Songgotu 索額圖 eminent statesman (early Qing)
Song Xiangfeng 宋翔鳳 philosopher (late Qing)
Sun Qifeng 孫奇逢 philosopher (early Qing)
Sun Xingyan 孫星衍 collector and publisher (mid-Qing)
Sun Yirang 孫詒讓 philosopher (late Qing)
Su-e-tu 索額圖 see Songgotu
T [top]
Tan Sitong 譚嗣同 reformer (late Qing)
Tang Caichang 唐才常 reformer (late Qing)
Tian Wenjing 田文鏡 eminent statesman (early Qing)
W [top]
Wan Sida 萬斯大 philosopher (early Qing)
Wan Sitong 萬斯同 philosopher and historian (early Qing)
Wang Fuzhi 王夫之 philosopher (early Qing)
Wang Mingsheng 王鳴盛 philosopher (mid-Qing)
Wang Niansun 王念孫 philosopher (mid-Qing)
Wang Tao 王韜 reformer (late Qing)
Wang Xianqian 王先謙 scholar (late Qing)
Wei Changhui 韋昌煇 leader of the Taiping Kingdom (late Qing)
Wei Yuan 魏源 writer and historian (late Qing)
Wenxiang 文祥 eminent statesman (late Qing)
Weng Tonghe 翁同龢 scholar and statesman (late Qing)
Weng Fanggang 翁方綱 philosopher (mid-Qing)
Wu Renchen 吳任臣 historian (early Qing)
Wu Sangui 吳三桂 military leader and rebel (early Qing)
X [top]
Xu Qianxue 徐乾學 collector and publisher (early Qing)
Xue Fucheng 薛福成 statesman (late Qing)
Y [top]
Yan Fu 嚴復 scholar and translator (late Qing)
Yan Kejun 嚴可均 scholar and collector (mid-Qing)
Yan Ruoqu 閻若璩 philosopher (early Qing)
Yan Yuan 顔元 philosopher (early Qing)
Yang Xiuqing 楊秀清 general of the Taiping Kingdom (late Qing)
Yang Yuchun 楊遇春 general (late Qing)
Yao Jiheng 姚際恒 Confucian scholar (early Qing)
Yixin 奕訢 see Isin
Yu Yue 俞樾 Confucian scholar (late Qing)
Yu Zhengxie 俞正燮 scholar and philosopher (mid-Qing)
Yue Zhongqi 岳鐘琪 eminent statesman (mid-Qing)
Yung Wing see Rong Hong 容閎
Z [top]
Zeng Guofan 曾國藩 high minister (late Qing)
Zeng Jize 曾紀澤 statesman (late Qing)
Zhai Shisi 翟式耜 statesman (Southern Ming)
Zhang Guangsi 張光泗 general (mid-Qing)
Zhang Haipeng 張海鵬 collector and publisher (mid-Qing)
Zhang Huangyan 張煌言 statesman (Southern Ming)
Zhang Lexing 張樂行 leader of the Nian rebellion (late Qing)
Zhang Lüxiang 張履祥 Confucian scholar (early Qing)
Zhang Tingyu 張廷玉 eminent statesman (mid-Qing)
Zhang Xuecheng 章學誠 philosopher and historian (mid-Qing)
Zhang Zhidong 張之洞 eminent statesman (late Qing)
Zhao-hui 兆惠 see Jaohui
Zheng Chenggong 鄭成功 (Coxinga) pirate and supporter of the Southern Ming
Zheng Guanying 鄭觀應 statesman (late Qing)
Zhu Yizun 朱彝尊 scholar (early Qing)
Zuo Zongtang 左宗棠 eminent statesman (late Qing)