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Guochao qixian leizheng 國朝耆獻類徵

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Guochao qixian leizheng 國朝耆獻類徵 "[Biographies of] the honoured [subjects] of Our Dynasty, arranged topically" is a collection of biographies of persons of the Qing period 清 (1644-1911). It is 720 juan "scrolls" long and was compiled by Li Huan 李桓 and published in 1883. It includes personalities of the highest political offices in the central government, but also average people who became remarkable by their extraordinary behaviour. The time frame ranges from 1616 to 1850. The book is introduced by a 12 juan long listing important members of the imperial house, with tables and biography (Zongshi wanggong gongji biaozhuan 宗室王公功績表傳), and 192 juan of biographies of eminent Mongols and persons from other foreign ethnics under the suzerainity of the Qing empire honoured with a hereditary title of nobility, plus a supplement (Waifan Menggu sibu wanggong biaozhuan 外藩蒙古四部王公表傳). The biographies are arranged according to importance. Biographies of persons who were granted an official biography by the Historiographic Insitute (guoshiguan 國史館) come first, and only then other persons, whose biographies were quoted from private sources or tomb stone inscriptions (beiming 碑銘).
In 1891 a supplement in 12 juan was added with the title of Guochao xianyuan leizheng 國朝賢媛類徵. Both parts, the main Leizheng as well as the supplement, were planned as first series that could later be extended, and therefore originally bare the subtitle of chubian 初編 "first series". In 1990 the Jiangsu guangling guji press 江蘇廣陵古籍刻印社 republished the Guochao qixian leizheng. It has a persons index arranged according to the first names, which is very rare and cubersome, but understandable for a book containing so many persons of which a lot bares the same surname.
The term qixian 耆獻 might be read as qi xian "an old man presents", or as zhixian "effectfully presented".

1. 宰輔 Zaifu Prime ministers
2. 卿貳 Qingni Hereditary officials
3. 詞臣 Cichen Officials disputing
4. 諫臣 Jianchen Officials remonstrating
5. 郎署 Langshu Members of the central government
6. 疆臣 Jiangchen Officials serving in border territories
7. 監司 Jiansi Commissioners
8. 守令 Shouling Magistrates
9. 僚佐 Liaozuo Persons below official level
10. 將帥 Jiangshuai Generals and commanders
11. 材武 Caiwu Persons displaying martial spirit
12. 忠義 Zhongyi Persons displaying loyalty
13. 孝友 Xiaoyou Persons displaying filial piety
14. 儒行 Ruxing Persons displaying Confucian conduct
15. 經學 Jingxue Scholars
16. 文藝 Wenyi Literati
17. 卓行 Zhuoxing Persons of outstanding character
18. 隱逸 Yinyi Scholars in retirement
19. 方伎 Fangji Magicians and diviners

Source: Guo Songyi 郭松義 (1992), "Guochao qixian leizheng chubian 國朝耆獻類徵初編", in Zhongguo da baike quanshu 中國大百科全書, Zhongguo lishi 中國歷史 (Beijing/Shanghai: Zhongguo da baike quanshu chubanshe), Vol. 1, p. 281.

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