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Huang-Ming congxin lu 皇明從信錄

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Huang-Ming congxin lu 皇明從信錄 "Records of followers without doubt of Our Dynasty" is a chronicle of the Ming dynasty 明 (1368-1644) compiled by Chen Jian 陳建 (1497-1567), courtesy name Tingzhao 廷肇, style Qinglan 清瀾, and revised by Shen Guoyuan 沈國元 (late Ming), courtesy name Zhongfei 仲飛. The 40-juan long Congxinlu was written in the style of Sima Guang's 司馬光 Zizhi tongjian 資治通鑑 from the Song period 宋 (960-1279) and had originally the title Huang-Ming tongji 皇明通紀. Another version of Chen's chronicle is called Huang-Ming tongji fazhuan quanlu 皇明通紀法傳全錄, revised and supplemented by Gao Rushi 高汝栻.
The Congxinlu begins in 1352, when Zhu Yuanzhang 朱元璋 (Emperor Taizu 明太祖, r. 1368-1398), the eventual founder of the Ming dynasty, rebelled against the Yuan 元 (1279-1368)regime, treats in the chapter Jingnanji 靖難記 the usurpation by the Yongle Emperor 永樂 (r. 1402-1424), and ends with the chapter Wuzongji 武宗紀, the annals of the Zhengde Emperor 正德 (r. 1505-1521). A supplement called Liangchao congxing lu 兩朝從信錄 and written by Shen Guoyuan covers the years of the Jiajing 嘉靖 (1522-1566) and Longqing 隆慶 (1567-1572) reigns. Shen Guoyuan revised the original text, expanded it until the Wanli reign 萬歷 (1573-1619), and changed the title of the book. The text is based on memorials to the throne and imperial edicts, as found in the "veritable records" (shilu 實錄), and supplemented by annotations, and is therefore very reliable. The first print appeared in 1620, and a facsimile was published in 1987 by the Jiangsu Guangling guji keyinshe 江蘇廣陵古籍刻印社.

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