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Manzhou jishen jitian dianli 滿洲祭神祭天典禮

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(Qinding) Manzhou jishen jitian dianli 欽定滿洲祭神祭天典禮 "(Imperially Endorsed) Canonical Rites of Manchurian Offerings to the Spirits and Heaven" is a ritual compendium compiled on imperial order under the supervision of Prince Yunlu 允祿, Agui 阿桂 and Yu Mingzhong 于敏中. The 6 juan "scrolls" long book, written in Manchu language, was presented to the throne in 1747, and only translated into Chinese in 1777. The book has 41 chapters that instruct ritual performers of all liturgic details, including objects and implements (juan 5, illustrations in juan 6), and formulas and chants to be recited. The objects of veneration are not only Heaven (Manchu: abka) and natural deities or spirits of traditional Jurchen religion like 如阿琿年錫、Acun安春 Ayara阿雅拉、Muri穆林Muriha穆林哈、Nadan綱丹Daihun岱琿、Harhun納爾琿Hiyancu軒初、Enduri恩都哩Senggu僧固、Katun咯屯Noyan諾延、Fere fodo omosi mama 佛立佛多鄂諾錫媽媽(佛立佛多鄂谟锡妈妈), but also Buddhist deities and the God of War, Guandi 關帝. XXX
The text can be seen as a supplement to the ritual canon Da-Qing tongli 大清通禮. The Chinese version is included in the collectaneum Liaohai congshu 遼海叢書 and the Siku quanshu 四庫全書.


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