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Qing gongshi 清宮史

Aug 7, 2013 © Ulrich Theobald

Qing gongshi 清宮史 "Palace history of the Qing", original title Guochao gongshi 國朝宮史 "Palace history of Our Dynasty" is an unofficial history about the palace institutions of the Qing dynasty 清 (1644-1911). It is a kind of actualization to a similar text to the imperial palace during the Ming period 明 (1368-1644), Ming gongshi 明宮史.

The Qing version has a length of 36 juan and was compiled in 1742 under the supervision of Yu Minzhong 于敏中 (1714-1779), and revised in 1759. The final version was finished in 1761. The text is divided into six parts, covering the themes imperial instructions (shengxun 聖訓), canonical rites (dianli 典禮), descriptions of palaces (gongdian 宮殿), expenditure (jingfei 經費), the bureaucratic structure (guanzhi 官制) and a bibliography (shuji 書籍).

In 1925 the Bo'ai Press 博愛印書局 of the Dongfang Xuehui Society 東方學會 in Tianjin reprinted the book. The text is also to be found in the series Jindai Zhongguo shiliao congkan 近代中國史料叢刊, series 54, from 1970 (Wenhai press 文海出版社, Taibei).

An enlarged version with the name Qing gongshi xubian 清宮史續編, compiled under the supervision of Cinggui (Ch. Qinggui 慶桂, 1737-1816), was published in 1806, and later enlarged. It is 100-juan long and was reprinted by the Library of the Palace Museum (Gugong Bowuguan Tushuguan 故宮博物院圖書館) in 1932.

Table 1. Contents of the Qing gongshi xubian 清宮史續編
1-6 訓諭 Instructions and edicts
7-50 典禮 Canonical rites
7-22 盛典 Grand ceremonies
23-25 冊寶 Patents and seals
26-30 祭祀 Sacrifices
31-36 勤政 Diligence in rulership
37-44 宴賚 Presents and banquets
45-48 宮規 Palace rules
49 冠服 Caps and robes
50 儀衛 The Ceremonial Guards
51-68 宮殿 Palace Halls
51-53 外朝 The Outer Court
54-61 內廷 The Inner Court
62-68 西苑 The Western Parks
69 尊藏法物 The storage of ritual implements
舖宮 Purchasing of palaces
70 恩賜事例 Rules for grants or presents by grace
吉禮例用 Guidelines for auspicious rites
嘉禮例用 Guidelines for congratulational rites
筵宴例用 Guidelines for banquets
71 節省事例 Rules for cutting cost
支發事例 Rules for spending
72 條例 Administrative regulations; with regulations for extraordinary grace (恩釁則例 Enxin zeli), extraordinary presents (恩賞則例 Enshang zeli), and disciplinary rules (處分則例 Chufen zeli)
73-74 額數職掌 Regulated numbers of offices
75 實錄 Veritable records
聖訓 Sacred instructions
76 聖制 Sacred texts
77 御制 Imperial texts
78 御題 Imperial dedications
79-81 鑒藏 Catalogues of collections and holdings
82-84 欽定 Imperial endorsements
85 方略 Military annals
86 典則 Jurisdictional texts
87 經學 Exegesis of the Classics
88-90 史學 Historiography
91 志乘 Treatises
92 字學 Primary teaching and lexicography
93 類纂 Compilations with classified topics
94 校刊 Collation and printing
95 石刻 Stone inscriptions
96 圖像 Maps and illustrations
97-98 圖刻 Printed maps and illustrations
99-100 圖繪 Drawings and maps
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