An Encyclopaedia on Chinese History and Literature

Chinese Religions and Religions in China

Native Religion
Heaven tian
Goddess of the Earth Hou Tu 后土
The Lord of Millet Hou Ji 后稷
Offerings to the spirits of soil and grain sheji 社稷
Suburban Offerings jiaosi 郊祀
di 禘 sacrifices see Suburban Offerings
xia 祫 sacrifices see Suburban Offerings
Offerings to Heaven and Earth on Mt. Taishan fengshan 封禪
Offerings to Sun and Moon jiri 祭日, jiyue 祭月
The Five Sacred Mountains Wuyue 五嶽
blood sacrifices xueji 血祭
Ancestral Veneration
the intra-lineage rank system zhao-mu 昭穆
the lineage system zongfa 宗法
posthumous honorific titles shihao 謚號
mourning dress sangfu 喪服
Human Sacrifice renxun 人殉
Local Deities sheshen 社神
"god", "goddess" see persons of Chinese mythology
Religious Aspects of Confucianism Rujiao 儒教
Confucius Temples Kongmiao 孔廟
Daoism Daojiao 道教
Daoist Schools
Daoist Deities
Daoist Masters
Daoist Beliefs
Daoist Practice and Liturgy
Daoist Writings
Buddhism Fojiao 佛教
Buddhist Schools in China
The Chinese Tripitaka
Buddhist Writings from China
Foreign Religions
Nestorianism Jingjiao 景教
Manicheism Mingjiao 明教, Monijiao 摩尼教
Zoroastrianism Xianjiao 祆教
Islam in China Yisilanjiao 伊斯蘭教
Christianity in China (modern age) Jidujiao 基督教, Jesujiao 耶穌教, Tianzhujiao 天主教
Jews in China Youtairen 猶太人