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Queli zhi 闕里志

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Queli zhi 闕里志 "Records of Queli" is a local gazetteer of Queli 闕里 (modern Qufu 曲阜, Shandong), the home town of Confucius, written by the Ming period 明 (1368-1644) author Chen Hao 陳鎬 (jinshi degree 1487). Quli had before never been described in a local gazetteer, yet in 1504, when the town was repaired and the Confucius Temple (Kongmiao 孔廟) restored, Li Dongyang 李東陽, who was entrusted with the inauguration offerings, ordered Chen Hao to compile a local gazetteer. The resulting 20 juan "scrolls" long book included information about rituals, the Kong family, historical events, offering rituals, personalities, parks and temples, rivers and creeks, old buildings, and so on, and also includes some maps and illustrations. Yet the compilation was done quite hastily and not very refined, so that the family head Kong Yun 孔允, Duke Yansheng 衍聖公, revised Chen's book.


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