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Chang Hui 常惠

Jan 24, 2012 © Ulrich Theobald

Chang Hui 常惠 (d. 47 BCE) was a high official of the mid-Former Han period 前漢 (206 BCE-8 CE). He hailed from Taiyuan 太原 (modern Taiyuan, Shanxi).

Chang among the staff of general Su Wu 蘇武 during his campaign against the steppe federation of the Xiongnu 匈奴. Chang Hui shared the captivity of Su Wu in the land of the Xiongu that endured more than ten years. In 81 BCE finally, they were released. Chang Hui was for his bravery rewarded with the position of Grand Master of splendid happiness (guanglu dafu 光祿大夫).

In 72 BCE he participated as commandant (xiaowei 校尉) in a new expedition against the Xiongnu, during which he defeated their allies, the Wusun 烏孫, and forced them into submission. In 70 BCE he was therefore given the title of Marquis of Changluo 長羅侯 and soon took over the office of Supervisor of dependent countries (dianshuguo 典屬國).

In 53 BCE he was appointed General to the Right (you jiangjun 右將軍). His posthumous title is Marquis Zhuang 壯侯.

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