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Persons in Chinese History - Xiahou Shichang 夏侯始昌

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Xiahou Shichang 夏侯始昌 was a Confucian scholar of the Former Han period 前漢 (206 BCE-8 CE). He came from Lu 魯 (modern Pingdong 平東, Shandong) and was instructed in the Classic Shangshu 尚書 "Book of Documents" by his relative Xiahou Du 夏侯都. He later became the disciple of Yuan Gu 轅固, an expert of the Qi 齊 version of the Shijing 詩經 "Book of Songs" and so step by step professed in all five Confucian Classics. As a teacher, he taught his relative Xiahou Sheng 夏侯勝 and Hou Cang 后倉. Emperor Wu even sent his son, Prince Liu Bo 劉髆 of Changyi 昌邑, to Xiahou Shichang to learn more about the apocryphal teachings of the Classics that dealt with the political interpretation of natural disasters as a failure in government.

Source: Cang Xiuliang 倉修良 (ed. 1996), Hanshu cidian 漢書辭典 (Jinan: Shandong jiaoyu chubanshe), p. 543.

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