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Luan Huanzi 欒桓子 Luan Yan 欒黶

Dec 28, 2015 © Ulrich Theobald

Luan Yan 欒黶 (d. 556 BCE), personal name Ji Yan 姬黶, posthumous title Luan Huanzi 欒桓子, was a nobleman in the state of Jin 晉 during the Spring and Autumn period 春秋 (770-5th cent. BCE). He was a member of the house of Luan 欒, a son of Luan Shu 欒書.

During the battle of Yanling 鄢陵 he suggested asking for support the Duke of the state of Lu 魯, and in 572, after being made grand master (dafu 大夫) by Duke Dao 晉悼公 (r. 573-558), he finally initiated a great alliance (meng 盟) to support the state of Song 宋 having sent out Hua Yuan 華元 to command a punitive expedition against Yu Shi 魚石 in Pengcheng 彭城.

In 564 he participated in a joint attack of twelve regional states against the Duke of Zheng 鄭. He was made *second-class general (xia jiangjun 下將軍) in 560, and a year later took part in a military campaigns of thirteen regional states against Qin 秦. Although being a nephew of the nobleman Fan Xuanzi 范宣子, the death of Yan's brother, Luan Zhen 欒鍼, caused a deep split between the house of Luan and that of Fan.

His last military engagement was a command in 557 with Xun Yan 荀偃 (Zhonghang Xianbo 中行獻伯). During the battle of Zhanban 湛阪 the army of Chu 楚 was heavily defeated.

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