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Shusun Zhaozi 叔孫昭子 Shusun She 叔孫舍

Oct 26, 2012 © Ulrich Theobald

Shusun She 叔孫舍 (died 517 BCE), posthumous title Shusun Zhaozi 叔孫昭子, was a high minister in the state of Lu 魯 under Duke Zhao 魯昭公 (r. 542-510) during the Spring and Autumn period 春秋 (770-5th cent. BCE).

He was the son of a concubine of Shusun Muzi 叔孫穆子, head of the house of Shusun 叔孫, one of the Three Huan families 三桓 that determined the fate of Lu. When She's father died, the powerful minister Shu Niu 豎牛 made Shusun She head of the family Shusun. Yet She was well aware that Shu Niu was not very well disposed towards the family Shusun and therefore ordered his sons Mengbing 孟丙 and Zhongren 仲壬 to kill Shu Niu.

Shusun She became the successor of Ji Wuzi 季武子 as chief minister in Lu. In this position, he concluded an alliance (meng 盟) with the hegemonial lord (ba 霸) Duke Huan of Qi 齊桓公 (r. 685-643) and traveled to the state of Jin 晉 where he attended the funeral of Duke Ping 晉平公 (r. 558-532). In Jin he was, nevertheless, detained for a full year before he was allowed to return.

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