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Persons in Chinese History - The House of Xi 郤

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The house of Xi 郤 (also written 郄) was a noble family in the state of Jin 晉 during the Spring and Autumn period 春秋 (770-5th cent. BCE) . It was founded by Shi Hu 叔虎 (posthumous title Xi Xianzi 郤献子), who was enfeoffed with the land of Xi (area of the lower course of River Mi 泌 in Shanxi). It was extinguished under Duke Li 晉厲公 (r. 581-573) who had assassinated the "Three Xi" 三郤 Xi Qi 郤錡, Xi Chou 郤犨 and Xi Zhi 郤至.
The most important members of the house of Xi were:

Shu Hu 叔虎 (Xi Xianzi 郤献子)
Xi Wen 郤文
Xi Bao 郤豹
Xi Qi 郤乞
Xi Cheng 郤稱
Xi Rui 郤芮 (Ji Rui 冀芮)
Xi Chengzi 郤成子 (Xi Que 郤缺)
Xi Gu 郤縠
Xi Xianzi 郤獻子 (Xi Ke 郤克)
Xi Wu 郤武
Xi Qi 郤錡
Xi Chou 郤犨
Xi Zhi 郤至

Source: Chen Mingyuan 陳明遠, Wang Zonghu 汪宗虎 (ed. 1995). Zhongguo xingshi cidian 中國姓氏辭典 (Beijing: Beijing chubanshe), p. 458.

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