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Jiutangshu 舊唐書

Jul 11, 2010 © Ulrich Theobald

Jiutangshu 舊唐書 "Old book of the Tang" is the first official dynastic history (zhengshi 正史) of the Tang dynasty 唐 (618-907). It was compiled under the direction of Liu Xu 劉昫 (888–947, courtesy name Yaoyuan 耀遠) and Zhang Zhaoyuan 張昭遠 (jinshi degree 877, courtesy name Chizheng 持正) during the rule of the Later Jin 後晉 (936-946), one of the Five Dynasties 五代 (907-960).

The most important source for the compilation of the 200-juan long Tangshu 唐書 (that was given the name Jiutangshu only after the publication of the Xintangshu 新唐書 "New history of the Tang") was an older history of the Tang, the Tangshu written by Wu Jing 吳兢 (100 juan) and enlarged by Wei Shu 韋述 (d. 757) and Liu Fang 柳芳 (jinshi degree c. 740, courtesy name Zhongfu 仲敷) to a size of 130 juan. This book is now lost. It covered the history of the Tang dynasty until the reign of Emperor Wuzong 唐武宗 (r. 840–846).

Jia Wei 賈緯 (fl. 941) therefore collected sources that served to compile the annals and biographies of the missing time frame. The result of this compilation had a length of 65 juan and was called Tang nian bulu 唐年補錄 "Supplement to the annals of the Tang". The bibliographic chapter in the Xintangshu lists a "dynastic history" (Guoshi 國史) with a length of 106 juan, and one with a length of 113 juan.

A more complete overview of Tang period sources - most of them chronicles - can be found in the bibliographic chapter of the universal history Tongzhi 通志, where the following texts are listed that were still written before the founding of the Song dynasty 宋 (960-1279): Tang chunqiu 唐春秋 (30 juan) by Wu Jing (a different text than his Tangshu), Tang chunqiu (20 juan) by Wei Shu, and Tang chunqiu (60 juan) by Lu Changyuan 陸長源 (d. 799, courtesy name Bingzhi 泳之).

Song-period texts are Chen Pengnian's 陳彭年 (961–1017) Tangji 唐紀 (40 juan, anonymous XXX), Tangyulu 唐餘錄 (60 juanXutanglu 續唐錄 (100 juan) by Song Qiumin 宋敏求 (1019–1079), Tangdian 唐典 (70 juan) by Wang Yanwei 王彦威, and two texts with the title Tangjian 唐鑑, the first (12 juan) written by Fan Zuyu 范祖禹 (1041–1098), the second (5 juan) by Shi Jie 石介 (1005–1045).

Emperor Gaozu of the Later Jin 晉高祖 (r. 936–942) was the first to decree the compilation of an official history for the Tang dynasty. The redaction did not critically alter their sources, and therefore much original material has been preserved. For the last part of the Tang period the available material was adopted without any changes, which led to great differences in the quality of the particular biographies and treatises, with a very hetergenous character of the Jiutangshu chapters. Some parts present detailed reports, others only general outlines. Yet because much originial sources are preserved it is nevertheless a very important book for the study of Tang history.

The Jiutangshu consists of 20 juan of imperial annals-biographies (ji 紀, including annals of Empress Wu Zetian 武則天, ch. 6), 30 juan of treatises ( 志), and 150 juan of normal and collective biographies (liezhuan 列傳).

The collective biographies cover the themes imperial consorts (51-52 Houfei liezhuan 后妃列傳), the imperial house (60 Zongshi liezhuan 宗室列傳, 64, 76, 86, 95, 107, 116, 150, 175), kinsmen of empresses (183 Waiqi liezhuan 外戚列傳), eunuchs (184 Huanguan liezhuan 宦官列傳), good officials (185 Liangli liezhuan 良吏列傳), cruel officals (186 Kuli liezhuan 酷吏列傳), persons of loyal conduct (187 Zhongyi liezhuan 忠義列傳), persons of filial and brotherly conduct (188 Xiaoyou liezhuan 孝友列傳), Confucian scholars (189 Ruxue liezhuan 儒學列傳), writers (190 Wenyuan liezhuan 文苑列傳), magicians and diviners (191 Fangji liezhuan 方伎列傳), scholars living in seclusion (192 Yinyi liezhuan 隱逸列傳), outstanding women (193 Lienü zhuan 列女傳), "barbarians" (Türks: 194 Tujue liezhuan 突厥列傳, Uyghurs: 195 Huihe liezhuan 迴紇列傳, Tibetans: 196 Tubo liezhuan 吐蕃列傳, southern barbarians: 197 Nanman Xinanman liezhuan 南蠻西南蠻列傳, western barbarians: 198 Xirong liezhuan 西戎列傳, eastern and northern barbarians: 199 Dongyi beidi liezhuan 東夷北狄列傳), and rebels (200) like An Lushan 安祿山 or Huang Chao 黃巢.

Especially noteworthy are the many treatises that cover all aspects of the administration and political practice under the Tang, as well as social and economic conditions, namely rituals and ceremonies (21-27 Liyi zhi 禮儀志), court music (28-31 Yinyue zhi 音樂志), calendar (32-34 Li zhi 曆志), astronomy (35-36 Tianwen zhi 天文志), the Five Agents (37 Wuxing zhi 五行志), administrative geography (38-41 Dili zhi 地理志), state offices (42-44 Zhiguan zhi 職官志), state coaches and court robes (45 Yufu zhi 輿服志), the imperial library (46-47 Jingji zhi 經籍志), food and commodities (48-49 Shihuo zhi 食貨志), and penal law (50 Xingfa zhi 刑法志).

After the Xintangshu had been published, the (Jiu-)Tangshu was neglected by historians and for a while even dropped out of the canon of the official dynastic histories. It was only given back this status when the canon was revised during the Qing period 清 (1644-1911). At that time only 67 fascicles of the original text were preserved. The others had to be reconstructed from quotations in different sources.

Table 1. Chapters of the Jiutangshu 舊唐書
1.-20. 本紀 Benji Imperial Annals-Biographies 1-20
1.高祖李淵 Emperor Gaozu Li Yuan (r. 618-626)
2.-3.太宗李世民 Emperor Taizong Li Shimin (r. 626-649)
4.-5.高宗李治 Emperor Gaozong Li Zhi (r. 649-683)
6.則天皇后武曌 Empress Wu Zhao (Wu Zetian) (r. 690-704)
7.中宗李顯 Emperor Zhongzong Li Xian (r. 683-684, 705-709), 睿宗李旦 Emperor Ruizong Li Dan (r. 684, 710-712)
8.-9.玄宗李隆基 Emperor Xuanzong Li Longji (r. 712-755)
10.肅宗李亨 Emperor Suzong Li Xin (r. 756-762)
11.代宗李豫 Emperor Daizong Li Yu (r. 762-779)
12.-13.德宗李适 Emperor Dezong Li Shi (r. 779-804)
14.順宗李誦 Emperor Shunzong Li Song, 憲宗李純 Emperor Xianzong Li Chun (r. 805-820) (A)
15.憲宗 Emperor Xianzong (B)
16.穆宗李恆 Emperor Muzong Li Heng (r. 820-824)
17.A敬宗李湛 Emperor Jingzong Li Zhen (r. 824-826), 文宗李昴 Emperor Wenzong Li Ang (r. 826-840) (A)
17.B文宗 Emperor Wenzong (B)
18.A武宗李炎 Emperor Wuzong Li Yan (r. 840-846)
18.B宣宗李忱 Emperor Xuanzong Li Chen (r. 846-859)
19.A懿宗李漼 Emperor Yizong Li Cui (r. 859-873)
19.B僖宗李儇 Emperor Xizong Li Huan (r. 873-888)
20.A昭宗李曄 Emperor Zhaozong Li Ye (r. 888-904)
20.B哀帝李柷 Emperor Ai Li Zhu (r. 904-907)
21.-50. 志 Zhi Treatises 1-30
21.-27.禮儀 Rites and Ceremonies 1-7
28.-31.音樂 Music 1-4
32.-34.曆 Calendar 1-3
35.-36.天文 Astronomy 1-2
37.五行 The Five Agents
38.-41.地理 Geography 1-4
42.-44.職官 State Offices 1-3
45.輿服 Chariots and Robes
46.-47.經籍 Bibliography 1-2
48.-49.食貨 Food and Commerce 1-2
50.刑法 Penal Law
51.-200. 列傳 liezhuan Individual and Collective Biographies
51.Houfei 后妃 Empresses A: Gaozu Taimu huanghou Doushi 高祖太穆皇后竇氏, Taizong Wende huanghou Sunshi 太宗文德皇后長孫氏, Xianfei Xushi 賢妃徐氏, Gaozong feihou Wangshi 高宗廢后王氏, Liangdi Wangshi 良娣蕭氏, Zhongzong Hesi huanghou Zhaoshi 中宗和思皇后趙氏, Zhongzong Wei shuren 中宗韋庶人, Shangguan zhaorong 上官昭容, Ruirong Suming huanghou Liushi 睿宗肅明皇后劉氏, Ruizong Zhaocheng huanghou Doushi 睿宗昭成皇后竇氏, Xuanzong feihou Wangshi 玄宗廢后王氏, Xuanzong Zhenshun huanghou Wushi 玄宗貞順皇后武氏, Xuanzong Yang guifei 玄宗楊貴妃
52.Houfei 后妃 Empresses B: Xuanzong Yuanxian huanghou Yangshi 玄宗元獻皇后楊氏, Suzong Zhang huanghou 肅宗張皇后, Suzong Wei fei 肅宗韋妃, Suzong Zhangjing huanghou Wushi 肅宗章敬皇后吳氏, Daizong Ruizhen huanghou Shenshi 代宗睿真皇后沈氏, Daizong Cui fei 代宗崔妃, Daizong Zhenyi huanghou Dugushi 代宗貞懿皇后獨孤氏, Dezong Zhaode huanghou Wangshi 德宗昭德皇后王氏, Dezong Wei xianfei 德宗韋賢妃, Shunzong Zhuangxian huanghou Wangshi 順宗莊憲皇后王氏, Xianzong Yi'an huanghou Guoshi 憲宗懿安皇后郭氏, Xianzong Xiaoming huanghou Zhengshi 憲宗孝明皇后鄭氏, Nü xueshi gong Songshi 女學士尚宮宋氏, Muzong Gongxi huanghou Wangshi 穆宗恭僖皇后王氏, Jingzong Guo guifei 敬宗郭貴妃, Muzong Zhenxian huanghou Xiaoshi 穆宗貞獻皇后蕭氏, Muzong Xuanyi huanghou Weishi 穆宗宣懿皇后韋氏, Muzong Wang xianfei 武宗王賢妃, Xuanzong Yuanzhao huanghou Chaoshi 宣宗元昭皇后晁氏, Yizong Hui'an huanghou Wangshi 懿宗惠安皇后王氏, Zhaozong Jishan huanghou Heshi 昭宗積善皇后何氏
53.Li Mi 李密
54.Wang Shichong 王世充, Dou Jiande 竇建德
55.Xue Ju 薛舉 [Xue Rengao 薛仁杲], Li Gui 李軌, Liu Wuzhou 劉武周 [Yuan Junzhang 苑君璋], Gao Kaidao 高開道, Liu Heita 劉黑闥 [Xu Yuanlang 徐圓朗]
56.Xiao Xian 蕭銑, Du Fuwei 杜伏威, Fu Gongshi 輔公祏 [kan Ling 闞稜, Wang Xiongdan 王雄誕], Shen Faxing 沈法興, Li Zitong 李子通 [Zhu Can 朱粲, Lin Shihong 林士弘, Zhang Shan'an 張善安], Luo Yi 羅藝, Liang Shidu 梁師都 [Liu Jizhen 劉季真, Li Zihe 李子和]
57.Pei Ji 裴寂, Liu Wenjing 劉文靜 ]Liu Wenqi 劉文起, Liu Shuyi 劉樹藝, Li Mengchang 李孟嘗, Liu Shilong 劉世龍, Zhao Wenke 趙文恪, Zhang Pinggao 張平高, Li Sixing 李思行, Li Gaoqian 李高遷, Xu Shixu 許世緒, Liu Shili 劉師立, Qian Lilong 錢九隴, Fan Xing 樊興, Gongsun Wuda 公孫武達, Pang Qingyun 龐卿惲, Zhang Changxun 張長遜, Li Anyuan 李安遠]
58.Tang Jian 唐儉, Zhangsun Shunde 長孫順德, Li Hongji 劉弘基, Yin Qiao 殷嶠, Liu Zhenghui 劉政會, Chai Shao 柴紹 [Princess Pingyang 平陽公主, Ma Sanbao 馬三寶], Wu Shihuo 武士彠 [Wu Shiling 武士稜, Wu Shiyi 武士逸]
59.Qu Tutong 屈突通 [Qu Shou 屈壽, Qu Quan 屈詮, Qu Zhongxiang 屈仲翔], Ren Huai 任瓌, Qiu He 丘和 [Qiu Xinggong 丘行恭, Qiu Shenji 丘神勣], Xu Shao 許紹 [Xu Lishi 許力士, Xu Qingming 許欽明, Xu Zhiren 許智仁, Xu Yushi 許圉師], Li Xizhi 李襲志 [Li Xiyu 李襲譽, Li Huaiyan 李懷儼], Jiang Mo 姜謩 [Jiang Xingben 姜行本, Jiang Jian 姜簡, Jiang Xi 姜晞, Jiang Rouyuan 姜柔遠, Jing Jiao 姜皎, Jiang Qingchu 姜慶初]
60.The many sons of Emperor Taizu 太祖諸子, the many sons of Emperor Daizu 代祖諸子
61Wen Daya 溫大雅 [Wen Wuyin 溫無隱, Wen Yanbo 溫彥博, Wen Dayou 溫大有, Wen Zhen 溫振, Wen Ting 溫挺], Chen Shuda 陳叔達, Dou Wei 竇威 [Dou Yun 竇惲, Dou Gui 竇軌, Dou Fengjie 竇奉節, Dou Zong 竇琮, Dou Kang 竇抗, Dou Yan 竇衍, Dou Jing 竇靜, Dou Kui 竇逵, Dou Dan 竇誕, Dou Xiaoci 竇孝慈, Dou Xijie 竇希玠, Dou Xiaochen 竇孝諶, Dou Jin 竇璡]
62.Li Gang 李綱 [Li Shaozhi 李少植, Li Anren 李安仁], Zheng Shanguo 鄭善果 [Zheng Yuansshu 鄭元璹], Yang Gongren 楊恭仁 [Yan Sixun 楊思訓, Yang Ruijiao 楊睿交, Yang Xu 楊續, Yang Zhirou 楊執柔, Yang Tao 楊滔, Yang Zhiyi 楊執一, Yang Shidao 楊師道, Yang Sixuan 楊思玄], Huangfu Wuyi 皇甫無逸, Li Daliang 李大亮 [Li Huixiu 李迥秀]
63.Feng Lun 封倫 [Feng Yandao 封言道, Feng Xinggao 封行高], Xiao Yu 蕭瑀 [Xiao Rui 蕭銳, Xiao Jun 蕭鈞, Xiao Guan 蕭瓘, Xiao Siye 蕭嗣業], Pei Qu 裴矩 [Pei Xuanji 裴宣機], Yuwen Shiji 宇文士及
65.Gao Shilian 高士廉 [Gao Lüxing 高履行, Gao Zhenxing 高真行], Zhangsun Wuji 長孫無忌
66.Fang Xuanling 房玄齡 [Fang Yizhi 房遺直, Fang Yi'ai房遺愛], Du Ruhui 杜如晦 [Du Chuke 杜楚客, Du Yan 杜淹]
67.Li Jing 李靖 [Li Keshi 李客師, Li Lingwen 李令問, Li Yanfang 李彥芳], Li Ji 李勣 [Li Jingye 李敬業]
68.Yuchi Jingde 尉遲敬德, Qin Shubao 秦叔寶, Cheng Zhijie 程知節, Duan Zhixuan 段志玄, Zhang Gongjin 張公謹 [Zhang Dasu 張大素, Zhang Da'an 張大安]
69.Hou Junji 侯君集, Zhang Liag 張亮, Xue Wanche 薛萬徹 [Xue Wanjun 薛萬均, Cheng Yanshi 盛彥師, Lu Zushang 盧祖尚, Liu Shirang 劉世讓, Liu Lan 劉蘭, Li Junxian 李君羨]
70.Wang Gui 王珪, Dai Zhou 戴冑 [Dai Zhide 戴至德], Cen Wenben 岑文本 [Cen Changqian 岑長倩, Cen Xi 岑羲, Ge Fuyuan 格輔元], Du Zhenglun 杜正倫
71.Wei Zheng 魏徵
72.Yu Shinan 虞世南, Li Baiyao 李百藥, Chu Liang 褚亮, Li Xuandao 李玄道, Li Shousu 李守素
73.Xue Shou 薛收 [Xue Yuanjing 薛元敬, Xue Yuanchao 薛元超, Xue Ji 薛稷], Yao Silian 姚思廉, Yan Shigu 顏師古 [Yan Xiangshi 顏相時], Linghu Defen 令狐德棻 [Deng Shilong 鄧世隆, Gu Ying 顧胤, Li Yanshou 李延壽, Li Renshi 李仁實], Kong Yingda 孔穎達 [Sima Caizhang 司馬才章, Li Gong 王恭, Ma Jiayun 馬嘉運]
74. Liu Ji 劉洎, Ma Zhou 馬周, Cui Renshi 崔仁師 [Cui Shi 崔湜, Cui Ye 崔液, Cui Lun 崔論 , Cui Di 崔滌]
75.Su Shichang 蘇世長 [Su Liangsi 蘇良嗣], Wei Yunqi 韋雲起 [Wei Fangzhi 韋方質], Sun Furu 孫伏伽, Zhang Xuansu 張玄素
76.The many sons of Emperor Taizong 太宗諸子
77.Wei Ting 韋挺 [Wei Daijia 韋待價, Wei Wanshi 韋萬石], Yang Zan 楊纂 [Yang Hongli 楊弘禮, Yang Hongwu 楊弘武, Yang Yuanheng 楊元亨, Yang Yuanxi 楊元禧], Liu Dewei 劉德威 [Liu Shenli 劉審禮], Yan Lide 閻立德 [Yan Liben 閻立本], Liu Heng 柳亨 [Liu Fan 柳範, Liu Shi 柳奭, Liu Huan 柳渙, Liu Ze 柳澤], Cui Yixuan 崔義玄 [Cui Shenqing 崔神慶]
78.Yu Zhining 于志寧, Gao Jifu 高季輔, Zhang Xingcheng 張行成 [Zhang Yizhi 張易之], Zhang Changzong 張昌宗
79.Zu Xiaosun 祖孝孫, Fu Renjun 傅仁均, Fu Yi 傅奕, Li Chunfeng 李淳風, Lü Cai 呂才/span>
80.Chu Suiliang 褚遂良, Han Ai 韓瑗, Lai Ji 來濟, Shangguan Yi 上官儀
81.Cui Dunli 崔敦禮, Lu Chengqing 盧承慶, Liu Xiangdao 劉祥道, Li Jingxuan 李敬玄, Li Yiyan 李義琰, Sun Chuyue 孫處約, Yue Yanwei 樂彥瑋, Zhao Renben 趙仁本
82.Xu Jingzong 許敬宗, Li Yifu 李義府 [Li Zhan 李湛]
83.Guo Xiaoke 郭孝恪, Zhang Jian 張儉, Su Dingfang 蘇定方, Xue Rengui 薛仁貴, Cheng Wuting 程務挺, Zhang Shigui 張士貴, Zhao Daoxing 趙道興
84.Liu Rengui 劉仁軌, Hao Chun 郝處俊, Pei Xingjan 裴行儉 [Pei Guangting 裴光庭]
85. Tang Lin 唐臨 [Tang Shao 唐紹], Zhang Wenguan 張文瓘 [Wang Wenzong 張文琮, Zhang Wenshou 張文收], Xu Yougong 徐有功
86.The many sons of Emperor Gaozong and Emperor Zhongzong 高宗中宗諸子
87.Pei Yan 裴炎, Liu Yizhi 劉禕之, Wei Xuantong 魏玄同, Li Zhaode 李昭德
88.Wei Siqian 韋思謙 [Wei Chengqing 韋承慶, Wei Sili 韋嗣立], Lu Yuanfang 陸元方 [Lu Xiangxian 陸象先], Su Huan 蘇瓌 [Lu Ting 陸頲]
89.Di Renjie 狄仁傑 [Di Jianmo 狄兼謨], Wang Fangqing 王方慶, Yao Shu 姚璹 [Yao Ting 姚珽]
90.Wang Jishan 王及善, Du Jingjian 杜景儉, Zhu Jingze 朱敬則, Yang Zaisi 楊再思, Li Huaiyuan 李懷遠 [Li Jingbo 李景伯, Li Pengnian 李彭年], Doulu Qinwang 豆盧欽望, Zhang Guangfu 張光輔, Shi Wuzi 史務滋, Cui Yuanzong 崔元綜, Zhou Yunyuan 周允元
91. Huan Yanfan 桓彥範, Jing Hui 敬暉, Cui Xuanwei 崔玄暐, Zhang Jianzhi 張柬之, Yuan Shuji 袁恕己
92.Wei Yuanzhong 魏元忠, Wei Anshi 韋安石 [Wei Zhi 韋陟, Wei Bin 韋斌, Wei Kang 韋抗, Wei Juyuan 韋巨源], Zhao Yanzhao 趙彥昭, Xiao Zhizhong 蕭至忠, Zong Chuke 宗楚客, Ji Chune 紀處訥
93.Lou Shide 婁師德, Wang Xiaojie 王孝傑, Tang Xiujing 唐休璟, Zhang Renyuan 張仁愿, Xue Ne 薛訥, Wang Jun 王晙
94.Su Weidao 蘇味道, Li Qiao 李嶠, Cui Rong 崔融, Lu Zangyong 盧藏用, Xu Yanbo 徐彥伯
95.The many sons of Emperor Ruizong 睿宗諸子
96.Yao Chong 姚崇, Song Jing 宋璟
97.Liu Youqiu 劉幽求, Zhong Shaojing 鍾紹京, Guo Yuanzhen 郭元振, Zhang Yue 張說 [Zhang Jun 張均, Zhang Ji 張垍, Chen Xilie 陳希烈]
98.Wei Zhigu 魏知古, Lu Huaishen 盧懷慎 [Lu Huan 盧奐], Yuan Qianyao 源乾曜 [Yuan Guangyu 源光裕, Yuan You 源洧], Li Yuanhong 李元紘, Du Xian 杜暹, Han Xiu 韓休, Pei Yaoqing 裴耀卿 [Pei Ji 裴佶]
99.Cui Riyong 崔日用 [Cui Rizhi 崔日知], Zhang Jiazhen 張嘉貞 [Zhang Jiayou 張嘉祐], Xiao Song 蕭嵩 [Xiao Hua 蕭華], Zhang Jiuling 張九齡 [Jiang Zhongfang 張仲方], Li Shizhi 李適之 [Li Jiqing 李季卿], Yan Tingzhi 嚴挺之
100.Yin Sizhen 尹思貞, Li Jie 李傑, Xie Wan 解琬, Bi Gou 畢構, Su Xiang 蘇珦 [Su Jin 蘇晉], Zheng Weizhong 鄭惟忠, Wang Zhiyin 王志愔, Lu Congyuan 盧從愿, Li Chaoyin 李朝隱, Pei Cui 裴漼 [Cui Kuan 裴寬], Wang Qiu 王丘
101.Li Yi 李乂, Xue Deng 薛登, Wei Cou 韋湊 [Wei Xuxin 韋虛心, Wei Xuzhou 韋虛舟], Han Sifu 韓思復 [Han Ci 韓佽], Zhang Tinggui 張廷珪, Wang Qiuli 王求禮, Xin Tifou 辛替否
102.Ma Huaisu 馬懷素, Chu Wuliang 褚无量, Liu Zixuan 劉子玄 [Liu Zhirou 劉知柔, Liu Kuang 劉貺, Liu Su 劉餗, Liu Hui 劉彙, Liu Zhi 劉秩, Liu Xun 劉迅, Liu Hui 劉迥], Xu Jian 徐堅, Yuan Xingchong 元行沖, Wu Jing 吳兢, Wei Shu 韋述 [Wei You 韋逌, Wei Di 韋迪]
103.Guo Qianguan 郭虔瓘 [Zhang SOng 張嵩] Guo Zhiyun 郭知運 [Guo Yingjie 郭英傑], Wang Junchuo 王君㚟 [Jia Shishun 賈師順], Zhang Shougui 張守珪, Niu Xianke 牛仙客, Wang Zhongsi 王忠嗣
104.Gao Xianzhi 高仙芝, Feng Changqing 封常清, Geshu Han 哥舒翰
105.Yuwen Rong 宇文融, Wei Jian 韋堅, Yang Shenjin 楊慎矜, Wang Gong 王鉷
106.Li Linfu 李林甫, Yang Guozhong 楊國忠, Zhang Wei 張暐, Wang Ju 王琚, Wang Maozhong 王毛仲 [Chen Xuanli 陳玄禮]
107.The many sons of Emperor Xuanzong 玄宗諸子
108.Wei Jiansu 韋見素 [Wei E 韋諤, Wei Yi 韋益, Wei Yi 韋顗], Cui Yuan 崔圓, Cui Huan 崔渙 [Cui Zong 崔縱], Du Hongjian 杜鴻漸
109.Feng Ang 馮盎, Ashina She'er 阿史那社尒 [Ashina Daozhen 阿史那道真, Ashina Sunizhu 阿史那蘇尼失, Ashina Zhong 阿史那忠], Qibi Heli 契苾何力, Heichi Changzhi 黑齒常之, Li Duozuo 李多祚, Li Siye 李嗣業, Bai Xiaode 白孝德
110.Li Guangbi 李光弼, Wang Sili 王思禮, Deng Jingshan 鄧景山, Cin Yunjing 辛雲京
111.Cui Guangyuan 崔光遠, Fang Guan 房琯 [Fang Rufu 房孺復, Fang Shi 房式], Zhang Hao 張鎬, Gao Shi 高適, Chang Cui 暢璀
112.Li Hao 李暠 [Li Qiwu 李齊物, Li Fu 李復, Li Ruoshui 李若水], Li Lin 李麟, Li Guozhen 李國貞 [Li Qi 李錡], Li Huan 李峘 [Li Yi 李嶧, Li Xian 李峴], Li Ju 李巨 [Li Zezhi 李則之]
113.Miao Jinqing 苗晉卿, Pei Mian 裴冕, Pei Zunqing 裴遵慶 [Pei Xiang 裴向, Pei Yin 裴寅, Pei Shu 裴樞]
114.Lu Jiong 魯炅, Pei Rong 裴茙, Lai Tian 來瑱, Zhou Zhiguang 周智光
115.Cui Qi 崔器, Zhao Guozhen 趙國珍, Cui Guan 崔瓘, Jing Kuo 敬括, Wei Yuanfu 韋元甫, Wei Shaoyou 魏少遊, Wei Boyu 衛伯玉, Li Cheng 李承
116.The thirteen sons of Emperor Suzong 肅宗十三子 and the twelve sons of Emperor Daizong 代宗二十子
117.Yan Wu 嚴武, Guo Yingyi 郭英乂, Cui Ning 崔寧 [Cui Kuang 崔寬, Cui Mi 崔密, Cui Li 崔蠡, Cui Rao 崔蕘, Cui An 崔黯], Yan Zhen 嚴震, Yan Li 嚴礪
118.Yuan Dai 元載 [Wang Ang 王昂, Li Shaoliang 李少良, Xun Mo 郇謨], Wang Jin 王縉, Yang Yan 楊炎, Li Gan 黎幹 [Liu Zhongyi 劉忠翼], Yu Zhun 庾準
119.Yang Wan 楊綰, Cui Youfu 崔祐甫 [Cui Zhi 崔植, Cui Leng 崔倰], Chang Gun 常袞
120.Guo Ziyi 郭子儀 [Guo Wu 郭晤, Guo Yang 郭映, Guo Yao 郭曜, Guo Xi 郭晞, Guo Gang 郭鋼, Guo Ai 郭曖, Guo Shu 郭曙, Guo Zhao 郭釗, Guo Cong 郭鏦 [Guo Yi 郭儀, Guo Youming 郭幼明, Guo Xin 郭昕]
121.Pugu Huai'en 僕固懷恩, Liang Chongyi 梁崇義, Li Huaiguang 李懷光
122.Zhang Xiancheng 張獻誠 [Zhang Xiangong 張獻恭, Zhang Xianfu 張獻甫, Zhang Xu 張煦], Lu Sigong 路嗣恭 [Lu Shu 路恕], Qu Huan 曲環, Cui Hanheng 崔漢衡, Yang Chaosheng 楊朝晟, Fan Ze 樊澤, Li Shuming 李叔明, Pei Zhou 裴冑
123.Liu Yan 劉晏, Diwu Qi 第五琦, Ban Hong 班宏, Wang Shao 王紹, Li Xun 李巽
124.Xue Song 薛嵩 [Xue Ping 薛平, Xue E 薛崿], Linghu Zhang 令狐彰 [Linghu Jian 令狐建, Linghu Yun 令狐運, Linghu Tong 令狐通], Tian Shengong 田神功 [Tian Shenyu 田神玉], Hou Xiyi 侯希逸, Li Zhengji 李正己 [Li Na 李納, Li Shigu 李師古, Li Shidao 李師道, Li You 李洧]
125.Zhang Yi 張鎰 [Feng Heqing 馮河清], Liu Congyi 劉從一, Xiao Fu 蕭復, Liu Hun 柳渾
126.Li Kui 李揆, Li Han 李涵, Chen Shaoyou 陳少遊, Lu XXX 盧𢝖{甚/心}, Pei Xu 裴諝/span>
127.Yao Lingyan 姚令言, Zhang Guangsheng 張光晟, Yuan Xiu 源休, Qiao Lin 喬琳, Zang She 張涉, Jiang Zhen 蔣鎮, Hong Jinglun 洪經綸, Peng Yan 彭偃
128.Duan Xiushi 段秀實 [Duan Bolun 段伯倫], Yan Zhenqing 顏真卿 [Yan Jun 顏頵, Yan Shuo 顏碩]
129.Han Huang 韓滉 [Hao Gao 韓皋, Han Hui 韓洄], Zhang Yanshang 張延賞 [Zhang Hongjing 張弘靖, Zhang Wengui 張文規], Zhang Cizong 張次宗
130.Wang Yu 王嶼 [Daoist Master Li Guozhen 道士李國禎附], Li Bi 李泌 [Li Fan 李繁, Gu Kuang 顧況], Cui Zao 崔造, Guan Bo 關播, Li Yuanping 李元平
131.Li Mian 李勉, Li Gao 李皋 [Li Xianggu 李象古, Li Daogu 李道古]
132.Li Baoyu 李抱玉, Li Baozhen 李抱真, Wang Qianxiu 王虔休, Lu Congshi 盧從史, Li Peng 李芃, Li Cheng 李澄 [Li Yuansu 李元素]
133.Li Sheng 李晟 [Li Yuan 李愿, Li Shuo 李愬, Li Ting 李聽, Li Xian 李憲, Li Ping 李憑, Li Shu 李恕, Li Ji 李惎, Li Bi 王佖]
134.Ma Sui 馬燧 [Ma Chang 馬暢, Ma Xuan 馬炫], Hun Jian 渾瑊 [Hun Hao 渾鎬, Hun Hui 渾鐬]
135.Lu Qi 盧杞 [Lu Yuanfu 盧元輔], Bai Zhizhen 白志貞, Pei Yanling 裴延齡, Wei Qumou 韋渠牟, Li Qiyuan 李齊運, Li Shi 李實, Wei Zhiyi 韋執誼, Wang Shuwen 王叔文 [Wang Pi 王伾], Cheng Yi 程异, Huangfu Bo 皇甫鎛 [Huangfu Yong 皇甫鏞]
136.Dou Can 竇參 [Dou Shen 竇申], Qi Yang 齊映, Liu Zi 劉滋 [Liu Zan 劉贊], Lu Mai 盧邁, Cui Sun 崔損, Qi Kang 齊抗
137.Xu Hao 徐浩, Zhao Juan 趙涓 [Zhao Boxuan 趙博宣], Liu Taizhen 劉太真, Li Shu 李紓, Shao Yue 邵說, Yu Shao 于邵, Cui Yuanhan 崔元翰, Yu Gongyi 于公異, Lü Wei 呂渭 [Lü Wen 呂溫, Lü Gong 呂恭, Lü Jian 呂儉, Lü Rang 呂讓], Zheng Yunkui 鄭雲逵, Li Yi 李益, Li He 李賀
138.Zhao Jing 趙憬, Wei Lun 韋倫, Jia Dan 賈耽, Jiang Gongfu 姜公輔
139.Lu Zhi 陸贄
140.Wei Gao 韋皋 [Liu Pi 劉闢], Zhang Jianfeng 張建封, Lu Qun 盧群
141.Tian Chengsi 田承嗣 [Tian Yue 田悅, Tian Chu 田緒, Tian Ji'an 田季安], Tian Hongzheng 田弘正 [Tian Bu 田布], Zhang Xiaozhong 張孝忠 [Zhang Maozhao 張茂昭, Zhang Keqin 張克勤, Zhang Maozong 張茂宗, Zhang Maohe 張茂和], Chen Chu 陳楚
142.Li Baochen 李寶臣 [Li Weiyue 李惟岳, Li Weicheng 李惟誠, Li Weijian 李惟簡, Li Yuanben 李元本], Wang Wujun 王武俊 [Wang Shizhen 王士真, Wang Shiping 王士平, Wang Shize 王士則, Wang Chengzong 王承宗, Wang Chengyuan 王承元, Wang Yancou 王廷湊, Wang Yuankui 王元逵, Wang Shaoding 王紹鼎, Wang Shaoyi 王紹懿, Wang Jingchong 王景崇, Wang Rong 王鎔]
143.Li Huaixian 李懷仙 [Zhu Xicai 朱希彩], Zhu Tao 朱滔, Liu Peng 劉怦 [Liu Ji 劉濟], Liu Yong 劉澭 [Liu Cong 劉總], Cheng Rihua 程日華 [Cheng Huazhi 程懷直, Cheng Quan 程權], Li Quanlüe 李全略 [Li Tongjie 李同捷]
144.Shang Kegu 尚可孤, Li Guan 李觀, Dai Xiuyan 戴休顏, Yan Huiyuan 陽惠元, Li Yuanliang 李元諒, Han Youhuai 韓遊瓌, Jia Yinlin 賈隱林, Du Xiquan 杜希全, Yuchi Sheng 尉遲勝, Xing Junya 邢君牙, Yang Chaosheng 楊朝晟, Zhang Jingze 張敬則
145.Liu Xuanzuo 劉玄佐 [Liu Shining 劉士寧, Li Wanrong 李萬榮], Dong Jin 董晉, Lu Changyuan 陸長源, Liu Quanliang 劉全諒, Li Zhongchen 李忠臣, Li Xilie 李希烈, Wu Shaocheng 吳少誠 [Wu Shaoyang 吳少陽, Wu Yuanji 吳元濟]
146.Xue Bo 薛播, Bao Fang 鮑防, Li Ziliang 李自良, Li Yue 李說, Yan Shou 嚴綬, Xiao Xin 蕭昕, Du Ya 杜亞, Wang Wei 王緯, Li Ruochu 李若初, Yu Qi 于頎, Lu Zheng 盧徵, Yang Ping 楊憑, Zheng Yuan 鄭元, Du Jian 杜兼, Pei Bin 裴玢, Xue Pi 薛伾
147.Du Huangchang 杜黃裳, Gao Ying 高郢 [Gao Ding 高定], Du You 杜佑 [Du Shifang 杜式方], Du Congyu 杜從郁 [Du Cong 杜悰, Du Mu 杜牧]
148.Pei Ji 裴垍, Li Jifu 李吉甫, Li Fan 李藩, Quan Deyu 權德輿 [Quan Qu 權璩]
149.Yu Xiulie 于休烈 [Yu Su 于肅, Yu Ao 于敖, Yu Cong 于琮], Linghu Huan 令孤峘, Gui Chongjing 歸崇敬 [Gui Deng 歸登, Gui Rong 歸融], Xi Zhi 奚陟, Zhang Jian 張薦 [Zhang Youxin 張又新, Zhang Xifu 張希復, Zhang Du 張讀], Jiang Yi 蔣乂 [Jiang Xi 蔣係, Jiang Shen 蔣伸], Liu Deng 柳登 [Liu Mian 柳冕, Liu Jing 柳璟], Shen Chuanshi 沈傳師 [Shen Xun 沈詢]
150.The many sons of the emperors Dezong and Shunzong 德宗順宗諸子
151.Gao Chongwen 高崇文 [Gao Chengjian 高承簡], Yi Shen 伊慎, Zhu Zhongliang 朱忠亮, Liu Changyi 劉昌裔, Fan Xichao 范希朝, Wang E 王鍔 [Wang Ji 王稷], Yan Juyuan 閻巨源, Meng Yuanyang 孟元陽, Zhao Chang 趙昌
152.Ma Lin 馬璘, Hao Tingyu 郝廷玉, Wang Xiyao 王栖曜 [Wang Maoyuan 王茂元], Liu Chang 劉昌 [Liu Shijing 劉士涇], Li Jinglüe 李景略, Zhang Wanfu 張萬福, Gao Gu 高固, Hao Ci 郝玼, Duan Zuo 段佐, Shi Jingfeng 史敬奉 [Yeshi langfu 野詩良輔]
153.Yao Nanzhong 姚南仲, Liu Nai 劉迺 [Liu Bochu 劉伯芻, Liu Kuanfu 劉寬夫, Liu Duanfu 劉端夫, Liu Yunzhang 劉允章], Yuan Gao 袁高, Duan Pingzhong 段平仲, Xue Cunsheng 薛存誠 [Xue Tinglao 薛廷老, Xue Baoxun 薛保遜, Xue Zhaowei 薛昭緯], Lu Dan 盧坦
154.Kong Chaofu 孔巢父 [Kong Zhan 孔戡, Kong Gui 孔戣, Kong Ji 孔戢], Xu Mengrong 許孟容, Lü Yuanying 呂元膺, Liu Xichu 劉栖楚, Zhang Su 張宿, Xiong Wang 熊望, Bo Qi 柏耆
155.Mu Ning 穆寧 [Mu Zan 穆贊, Mu Zhi 穆質, Mu Yuan 穆員, Mu Shang 穆賞], Cui Pan 崔邠 [Cui Shan 崔鄯, Cui Yan 崔郾, Cui Shan 崔鄲], Dou Qun 竇群 [Dou Chang 竇常, Dou Mou 竇牟, Dou Xiang 竇庠, Dou Gong 竇鞏], Li Xun 李遜 [Li Jian 李建], Xue Rong 薛戎 [Xue Fang 薛放]
156.Yu You 于頔, Han Hong 韓弘 [Han Gongwu 韓公武, Han Chong 韓充, Li Zhi 李質], Wang Zhixing 王智興 [Wang Yanping 王晏平, Wang Yanzai 王晏宰]
157.Wang Yu 王翃 [Wang Yu 王翊], Xi Shimei 郗士美, Li Yong 李鄘, Sun Xi 孫磎, Xin Bi 辛祕, Ma Cong 馬摠, Wei Hongjing 韋弘景, Wang Yanwei 王彥威
158.Wu Yuanheng 武元衡 [Wu Ruheng 武儒衡], Zheng Yuqing 鄭餘慶 [Zheng Gan 鄭澣, Zheng Yunmo 鄭允謨, Zheng Maozhen 鄭茂諶, Zheng Chuhui 鄭處誨, Zheng Congdang 鄭從讜], Wei Guanzhi 韋貫之 [Wei Shou 韋綬, Wei Xun 韋纁, Wei Ao 韋澳]
159.Wei Cigong 衛次公, Zheng Yin 鄭絪 [Zheng Dide 鄭秪德, Zheng Hao 鄭顥], Wei Chuhou 韋處厚, Cui Qun 崔群, Lu Sui 路隨
160.Han Yu 韓愈, Zhang Ji 張籍, Meng Xiao 孟郊, Tang Qu 唐衢, Li Ao 李翶, Yuwen Ji 宇文籍, Liu Yuxi 劉禹錫, Liu Zongyuan 柳宗元, Wei Ci 韋辭
161.Li Guangjin 李光進 [Li Guangyan 李光顏], Wu Zhongyin 烏重胤, Wang Pei 王沛 [Wang Feng 王逢], Li Hong 李珙, Li You 李祐, Dong Zhongzhi 董重質, Yang Yuanqing 楊元卿 [Yang Yanzong 楊延宗], Liu Wu 劉悟 [Liu Congjian 劉從諫, Liu Zhen 劉稹], Liu Mian 劉沔, Shi Xiong 石雄
162.Pan Mengyang 潘孟陽, Li You 李翛, Wang Sui 王遂, Cao Hua 曹華, Wei Shou 韋綬, Zheng Quan 鄭權, Lu Shimei 盧士玫, Han Quanyi 韓全義, Gao Xiayu 高霞寓, Gao Yu 高瑀, Cui Rong 崔戎, Lu Xuan 陸亘, Zhang Zhengfu 張正甫 [Zhang Yifu 張毅夫], Zhang Yi 張禕
163.Meng Jian 孟簡, Hu Zheng 胡証, Cui Yuanlüe 崔元略 [Cui Xuan 崔鉉, Cui Hang 崔沆, Cui Yuanshou 崔元受, Cui Yuanshi 崔元式, Cui Yuanru 崔元儒], Du Yuanying 杜元穎, Cui Hongli 崔弘禮, Li Yuzhong 李虞仲, Wang Zhi 王質, Lu Jianci 盧簡辭 [Ji Jianneng 盧簡能, Lu Hongzheng 盧弘正, Lu Jianqiu 盧簡求, Lu Zhiqiu 盧知猷, Lu Siye 盧嗣業, Lu Rubi 盧汝弼]
164.Wang Bo 王播 [Wang Yan 王炎, Wang Qi 王起, Wang Gui 王龜, Wang Yao 王蕘, Wang Duo 王鐸, Wang Shi 王式], Li Jiang 李絳, Yang Yuling 楊於陵
165.Wei Xiaing 韋夏卿, Wang Zhengya 王正雅 [Wang Ning 王凝], Liu Gongchuo 柳公綽 [Liu Zhongcheng 柳仲郢, Liu Guibi 柳珪璧, Liu Bi 柳玭, Liu Gongquan 柳公權, Liu Zihua 柳子華, Liu Gongdu 柳公度, Liu Gongqi 柳公器], Cui Xuanliang 崔玄亮, Wen Zao 溫造 [Wen Zhang 溫璋], Guo Chenggu 郭承嘏, Yin You 殷侑 [Yin Yinsun 殷盈孫], Xu Hui 徐晦
166.Yuan Zhen 元稹 [Pang Yan 龐嚴], Bai Juyi 白居易 [Bai Xingjian 白行簡, Bai Minzhong 白敏中]
167.Zhao Zongru 趙宗儒, Dou Yizhi 竇易直, Li Fengji 李逢吉, Duan Wenchang 段文昌 [Duan Chengshi 段成式], Song Shenxi 宋申錫, Li Cheng 李程
168.Wei Wen 韋溫 [Xiao You 蕭祐], Dugu Yu 獨孤郁 [Dugu Lang 獨孤朗], Qian Hui 錢徽 [Qian Kefu 錢可復], Gao Yi 高釴 [Gao Zhu 高銖, Gao Kai 高鍇], Feng Su 馮宿 [Feng Ding 馮定, Feng Shen 馮審], Feng Ao 封敖
169.Li Xun 李訓, Zheng Zhu 鄭注, Wang Ya 王涯, Wang Fan 王璠, Wang Su 賈餗, Shu Yuanyu 舒元輿, Guo Xingyu 郭行餘, Luo Liyan 羅立言, Li Xiaoben 李孝本
170.Pei Du 裴度
171.Li Bo 李渤, Zhang Zhongfang 張仲方, Pei Lin 裴潾 [Zhang Gao 張皋], Li Zhongmin 李中敏, Li Gan 李甘, Gao Yuanyu 高元裕 [Gao Shaoyi 高少逸], Li Han 李漢, Li Jingjian 李景儉
172.Linghu Chu 令狐楚 [Linghu Ding 令狐定, Linghu Xu 令狐緒, Linghu Tao 令狐綯, Linghu Gaohuan 令狐滈渙], Niu Sengru 牛僧孺 [Niu Wei 牛蔚 Niu Hui 牛徽, Niu Zhong 牛藂], Xiao Mian 蕭俛 [Xiao Jie 蕭傑, Xiao Jiao 蕭俶, Xiao Fang 蕭倣, Xiao Lin 蕭廩], Li Shi 李石 [Li Fu 李福]
173.Zheng Tan 鄭覃 [Zheng Lang 鄭朗], Chen Yixing 陳夷行, Li Shen 李紳 [Wu Ruina 吳汝納], Li Hui 李回, Li Yu 李珏, Li Guyan 李固言
174.Li Deyu 李德裕
175.The twenty sons of Emperor Xiaozong 憲宗二十子, the five sons of Emperor Muzong 穆宗五子, the five sons of Emperor Jingzong 敬宗五子, the two sons of Emperor Wenzong 文宗二子, the five sons of Emperor Wuzong 武宗五子, the eleven sons of Emperor Xuanzong 宣宗十一子, the eight sons of Emperor Yizong 懿宗八子, the two sons of Emperor Xizong 僖宗二子, the ten sons of Emperor Zhaozong 昭宗十子 [inheriting Prince Xiangwang Li Wen 嗣襄王熅, Zhu Mei 朱玫, Wang Xingyu 王行瑜]
176.Li Zongmin 李宗閔, Yang Sifu 楊嗣復 [Yang Shou 楊授, Yang Sun 楊損, Yang Ji 楊技, Yang Shi 楊拭, Yang Wei 楊撝], Yang Yuqing 楊虞卿 [Yang Hangong 楊漢公, Yang Rushi 楊汝士], Ma Zhi 馬植, Li Rangyi 李讓夷, Wei Mo 魏謩, Zhou Chi 周墀, Cui Guicong 崔龜從, Zheng Su 鄭肅, Lu Shang 盧商
177.Cui Shenyou 崔慎由 [Cui Anqian 崔安潛, Cui Neng 崔能, Cui Yanceng 崔彥曾, Cui Yin 崔胤], Cui Hong 崔珙 [Cui Guan 崔琯, Cui Jin 崔瑨, Cui Zao 崔璪, Cui Yu 崔璵, Cui Chan 崔澹, Cui Yuan 崔遠, Cui Qiu 崔球], Lu Jun 盧鈞, Pei Xiu 裴休, Yang Shou 楊收 [Yang Fa 楊發, Yang Ju 楊鉅, Yang Lin 楊鏻, Yang Yan 楊嚴, Yang She 楊涉, Yang Zhu 楊注], Wei Baoheng 韋保衡, Lu Yan 路巖, Xiahou Zi 夏侯孜, Liu Zhan 劉瞻, Liu Yuan 劉瑑, Cao Que 曹確, Bi Cheng 畢諴, Du Shenquan 杜審權 [Du Rangneng 杜讓能, Du Yanlin 杜彥林, Du Honghui 杜弘徽], Liu Ye 劉鄴, Dou Luyuan 豆盧瑑
178.Zhao Yin 趙隱 [Zhao Zhi 趙騭, Zhao Guangfeng 趙光逢, Zhao Guangyi 趙光裔, Zhao Guangyin 趙光胤], Zhang Chang 張裼 [Zhang Wenwei 張文蔚, Zhang Jimei 張濟美, Zhang Yixian 張貽憲], Li Wei 李蔚, Cui Yanzhao 崔彥昭, Zheng Tian 鄭畋, Lu Xiu 盧攜, Wang Hui 王徽
179.Xiao Jiang 蕭遘, Kong Wei 孔緯, Wei Zhaodu 韋昭度, Cui Zhaowei 崔昭緯, Zhang Jun 張濬, Zhu Pu 朱朴, Zheng Qi 鄭綮, Liu Chongwang 劉崇望 [Liu Chonggui 劉崇龜, Liu Chonglu 劉崇魯, Liu Chongmo 劉崇謨], Xu Yanruo 徐彥若, Lu XXX 陸扆, Liu Can 柳璨
180.Zhu Kerong 朱克融, Li Zaiyi 李載義, Yang Zhicheng 楊志誠, Zhang Zhongwu 張仲武 [Zhang Zhifang 張直方], Zhang Yunshen 張允伸, Zhang Gongsu 張公素, Li Keju 李可舉, Li Quanzhong 李全忠 [Li Kuangwei 李匡威, Li Kuangchou 李匡籌]
181.Shi Xiancheng 史憲誠 [Shi Xiaozhang 史孝章], He Jintao 何進滔 [He Hongjing 何弘敬], Han Yunzhong 韓允忠 [Han Jian 韓簡], Yue Yanzhen 樂彥禎 [Yue Congxun 樂從訓], Luo Hongxin 羅弘信 [Luo Wei 羅威]
182.Wang Zhongrong 王重榮 [Wang Ke 王珂], Wang Xucun 王處存 [Wang Chuzhi 王處直], Zhuge Shuai 諸葛爽, Gao Pian 高駢 [Bi Shiduo 畢師鐸, Su Yan 秦彥], Shi Pu 時溥, Zhu Xuan 朱瑄 [Zhu Qin 朱瑾]
183.Waiqi 外戚 Relatives of Empresses: Dugu Huai'en 獨孤懷恩, Dou Deming 竇德明 [Dou Huaizhen 竇懷貞, Dou Xiaochen 竇孝諶, Dou Xijian 竇希瑊, Dou Xiqiu 竇希球, Dou Xihuan 竇希瓘, Dou Weixian 竇維鍌], Zhangsun Chang 長孫敞 [Zhangsun Cao 長孫操, Zhao Chiman 趙持滿], Wu Chengsi 武承嗣 [Wu Yanxiu 武延秀, Wu Sansi 武三思, Wu Chongxun 武崇訓, Wu Yizong 武懿宗, Wu Youji 武攸暨, Princess Taiping 太平公主, Wu Youxu 武攸緒, Xue Huaiyi 薛懷義], Wei Wen 韋溫, Wang Renjiao 王仁皎 [Wang Shouyi 王守一], Wu Xu 吳漵 [Wu Cou 吳湊], Dou Yu 竇覦, Liu Sheng 柳晟, Wang Ziyan 王子顏
184.Huanguan 宦官 Eunuchs: Yang Sixu 楊思勗, Gao Lishi 高力士, Li Fuguo 李輔國, Chen Yuanzhen 程元振, Yu Chao'en 魚朝恩 [Liu Xijue 劉希暹, Jia Mingguan 賈明觀], Dou Wenchang 竇文場, Huo Xianming 霍仙鳴, Ju Wenzhen 俱文珍, Tutu Chengcui 吐突承璀, Wang Shoucheng 王守澄, Tian Lingzi 田令孜, Yang Fuguang 楊復光
185AB.Liangli 良吏 Benevolent Officials A: Wei Renshou 韋仁壽, Chen Junbin 陳君賓, Zhang Yunji 張允濟, Li Tongke 李桐客, Li Suli 李素立 [Li Zhiyuan 李至遠, Li She 李畬], Xue Dading 薛大鼎, Jia Dunyi 賈敦頤 [Jia Dunshi 賈敦實], Li Junqiu 李君球, Cui Zhiwen 崔知溫, Gao Zhizhou 高智周, Tian Renhui 田仁會 [Tian Guidao 田歸道], Wei Ji 韋機 [Wei Yue 韋岳, Wei Jingjun 韋景駿], Quan Huai'en 權懷恩 [Quan Wanji 權萬紀], Feng Yuanchang 馮元常 [Feng Yuanshu 馮元淑], Jiang Yan 蔣儼, Wang Fangyi 王方翼, Xue Jichang 薛季昶,
B: Pei Huaigu 裴懷古, Zhang Zhiyu 張知謇 [Zhang Zhixuan 張知玄, Zhang Zhihui 張知晦, Zhang Zhitai 張知泰, Zhang Zhimo 張知默], Yang Yuanyan 楊元琰, Ni Ruoshui 倪若水, Li Jun 李濬, Yang Jiao 陽嶠, Song Qingli 宋慶禮, Jiang Shidu 姜師度, Qiang Xun 強循 [He Fengyao 和逢堯], Pan Haoli 潘好禮, Yang Maoqian 楊茂謙, Yang Chang 楊瑒, Cui Yinfu 崔隱甫, Li Shangyin 李尚隱, Lü Yin 呂諲, Xiao Ding 蕭定, Jiang Yun 蔣沇, Jiang Yu 薛珏, Li Huideng 李惠登, Ren Dijian 任迪簡, Fan Chuanzheng 范傳正, Yuan Zi 袁滋, Xue Ping 薛苹, Yan Jimei 閻濟美
186AB.Kuli 酷吏 Cruel Officials A: Lai Junchen 來俊臣, Zhou Xing 周興, Fu Youyi 傅遊藝, Qiu Shenji 丘神勣, Su Yuanli 索元禮, Hou Sizhi 侯思止, Wan Guojun 萬國俊, Lai Zixun 來子珣, Wang Hongyi 王弘義, Guo Ba 郭霸, Ji Xu 吉頊,
B: Yao Shaozhi 姚紹之, Zhou Lizhen 周利貞, Wang Xu 王旭, Ji Wen 吉溫, [Wang Jun 王鈞, Yan Anzhi 嚴安之, Lu Xuan 盧鉉], Luo Xishi 羅希奭, Mao Ruoxu 毛若虛, Jing Yu 敬羽 [Pei Sheng 裴昇, Bi Yao 畢曜]
187AB.Zhongyi 忠義 Loyal Persons A: Xiahou Duan 夏侯端, Liu Gan 劉感, Chang Da 常達, Luo Shixin 羅士信, Lü Zizang 呂子臧, Zhang Daoyuan 張道源 [Zhang Chujin 張楚金], Li Gongyi 李公逸, Zhang Shanxiang 張善相, Li Xuanton 李玄通, Jing Junhong 敬君弘, Feng Li 馮立, Xie Shufang 謝叔方, Wang Yifang 王義方, Cheng Sanlang 成三郎, Yin Yuanzhen 尹元貞, Gao Jun 高叡 [Gao Zhongshu 高仲舒, Cui Lin 崔琳], Wang Tongjiao 王同皎 [Zhou Jing 周憬], Su Anheng 蘇安恆, Yu Wenjun 俞文俊, Wang Qiuli 王求禮, Yan Qinrong 燕欽融 [Lang Ji 郎岌], An Jincang 安金藏,
B: Li Cheng 李憕 [Li Yuan 李源, Li Peng 李彭, Li Jingrang 李景讓], Zhang Jieran 張介然, Cui Wubi 崔無詖, Lu Yi 盧奕, Jiang Qing 蔣清, Yan Haoqing 顏杲卿 [Yan Quanming 顏泉明], Xue Yuan 薛愿 [Pang Jian 龐堅], Zhang Xun 張巡 [Yao Yin 姚誾], Xu Yuan 許遠, Cheng Qianli 程千里, Yuan Guangting 袁光庭, Shao Zhen 邵真, Fu Lin 符璘, Zhao Ye 趙曄, Shi Yanfen 石演芬 [Zhang Mingzhen 張名振], Zhang Pi 張伾], Zhen Ji 甄濟, Liu Dunru 劉敦儒, Gao Lin 高沐, Jia Zhiyan 賈直言, Yu Jingxiu 庾敬休, Xin Dang 辛讜
188.Xiaoyou 孝友 Filial Persons: Li Zhiben 李知本, Zhang Zhikuan 張志寬, Liu Junliang 劉君良 [Song Xinggui 宋興貴, Zhang Gongyi 張公藝, Wang Juncao 王君操 [Zou Zhishou 周智壽, Zhi Shuang 智爽, Xu Tan 許坦, Wang Shaoxuan 王少玄], Zhao Hongzhi 趙弘智, Chen Jiyuan 陳集原, Yuan Rang 元讓, Pei Jingyi 裴敬彝, Pei Shouzhen 裴守真 [Pei Ziyu 裴子餘], Li Rizhi 李日知, Cui Mian 崔沔, Lu Nanjin 陸南金 [Lu Zhaobi 陸趙璧], Zhang Xiu 張琇 [Zhang Huang 張瑝], Liang Wenzhen 梁文貞 [Li Chugong 李處恭, Zhang Yizhen 張義貞, Lü Yuanjian 呂元簡], Cui Yan 崔衍, Ding Gongzhu 丁公著, Luo Rang 羅讓
189AB.Ruxue 儒學 Confucian Scholars A: Xu Wenyuan 徐文遠, Lu Deming 陸德明, Cao Xian 曹憲 [Xu Yan 許淹, Li Shan 李善, Gongsun Luo 公孫羅], Ouyang Xun 歐陽詢 [Ouyang Tong 歐陽通], Zhu Zishe 朱子奢, Zhang Shiheng 張士衡, Jia Gongyan 賈公彥 [Li Xuanzhi 李玄植], Zhang Houyin 張後胤, Gai Wenda 蓋文達 [Gai Wenyi 蓋文懿], Gu Nalü 谷那律, Xiao Deyan 蕭德言, Xu Shuya 許叔牙 [Xu Ziru 許子儒], Jing Bo 敬播, Liu Bozhuang 劉伯莊 [Liu Zhihong 劉之宏], Qin Jingtong 秦景通, Luo Daocong 羅道琮,
B: Xing Wenwei 邢文偉, Gao Zigong 高子貢, Lang Yuling 郎餘令, Lu Jingchun 路敬淳, Wang Yuangan 王元感, Wang Shaozong 王紹宗, Wei Shuxia 韋叔夏, Zhu Qinming 祝欽明, Guo Shanyun 郭山惲, Liu Chong 柳沖, Lu Can 盧粲, Yin Zhizhang 尹知章 [XXX Sun Jiliang 孫季良], Xu Dai 徐岱, Su Bian 蘇弁 [Su Gun 蘇衮, Su Mian 蘇冕], Lu Zhi 陸質, Feng Kang 馮伉, Wei Biaowei 韋表微, Xu Kangzuo 許康佐
190ABC.Wenyuan 文苑 The Garden of Literati A: Kong Shao'an 孔紹安 [Kong Zhen 孔禎, Kong Ruosi 孔若思], Yuan Lang 袁朗 [Yuan Chengxu 袁承序, Yuan Lizhen 袁利貞, Yuan Yi 袁誼], He Deren 賀德仁, Yu Bao 庾抱, Cai Yungong 蔡允恭, Zheng Shiyi 鄭世翼, Xie Yan 謝偃, Cui Xinming 崔信明, Zhang Yungu 張蘊古, Liu Yinzhi 劉胤之 [Liu Yanyou 劉延祐, Liu Cangqi 劉藏器], Zhang Changling 張昌齡, Cui Xinggong 崔行功, Meng Lizhen 孟利貞, Dong Sigong 董思恭, Yuan Sijing 元思敬, Xu Qiran 徐齊聃, Du Yijian 杜易簡 [Du Shenyan 杜審言], Lu Zhaolin 盧照鄰, Yang Jiong 楊炯, Wang Bo 王勃 [Wang Ju 王勮, Wang Mian 王勔], Luo Binwang 駱賓王, Deng Xuanting 鄧玄挺,
B: Guo Zhengyi 郭正一, Yuan Wanqing 元萬頃 [Fan Lübing 范履冰, Miao Shenke 苗神客, Zhou Simao 周思茂, Hu Chubin 胡楚賓], Qiao Zhizhi 喬知之 [Qiao Kan 喬侃, Qiao Bei 喬備, Liu Xiyi 劉希夷], Liu Xunji 劉允濟, Fu Jiamo 富嘉謨 [Wu Shaowei 吳少微, Gu Yi 谷倚], Yuan Banqian 員半千 [Qiu Yue 丘悅], Liu Xian 劉憲 [Wang Shi 王適, Sima Huang 司馬鍠, Liang Zaiyan 梁載言], Shen Quanqi 沈佺期 [Shen Quanjiao 沈全交], Chen Zi'an 陳子昂 [Lü Qiujun 閭丘均], Song Zhiwen 宋之問, Yan Chaoyin 閻朝隱 [Wang Wujing 王無競, Li Shi 李適, Yin Yuankai 尹元凱], Jia Ceng 賈曾 [Jia Zhi 賈至], Xu Jingxian 許景先, He Zhizhang 賀知章 [He Chao 賀朝, Qi Rong 齊融, Zhang Ruoxu 張若虛, Xing Ju 邢巨, Bao Rong 包融, Li Dengzhi 李登之], Xi Yu 席豫 [Xu Anzhen 徐安貞], Qi Huan 齊澣, Wang Huan 王澣, Li Yong 李邕, Sun Di 孫逖 [Sun Cheng 孫成],
C: Li Hua 李華, Xiaoshi 蕭穎士 [Li Han 李翰], Lu Ju 陸據, Cui Hao 崔顥, Wang Changling 王昌齡, Meng Haoran 孟浩然, Yuan Dexiu 元德秀, Wang Wei 王維, Li Bai 李白, Du Fu 杜甫, Wu Tongxuan 吳通玄 [Wu Tongwei 吳通微], Wang Zhongshu 王仲舒, Cui Xian 崔咸, Tang Ci 唐次 [Tang Fu 唐扶, Tang Chi 唐持, Tang Yanqian 唐彥謙], Liu Fen 劉蕡, Li Shangyin 李商隱, Wen Tingyun 溫庭筠, Xue Peng 薛逢 [Xue Tinggui 薛廷珪], Li Cheng 李拯, Li Juchuan 李巨川, Sikong Tu 司空圖
191.Fangji 方伎 Magicians: Cui Shanwei 崔善為, Xue Yi 薛頤, Zhen Quan 甄權 [Zhen Liyan 甄立言], Song Xia 宋俠, Xu Yinzong 許胤宗, Yifu Hongli 乙弗弘禮, Yuan Tiangang 袁天綱, Sun Simiao 孫思邈, Ming Chongyan 明崇儼, Zhang Jingcang 張憬藏, Li Sizhen 李嗣真, Zhang Wenzhong 張文仲 [Li Qianzong 李虔縱, Wei Cicang 韋慈藏], Shang Xianfu 尚獻甫 [Pei Zhigu 裴知古], Meng Xian 孟詵, Yan Shansi 嚴善思, Jin Lliangfeng 金梁鳳, Zhang Guo 張果, Ye Fashan 葉法善, Monks Xuanzang 僧玄奘, Shenxiu 神秀 [Huineng 慧能, Puji 普寂, Yifu 義福, Yixing 一行, Hong 泓], Sang Daorong 桑道茂
192.Hidden Worthies (Yinyi 隱逸): Wang Ji 王績, Tian Youyan 田遊巖, Shi Deyi 史德義, Wang Youzhen 王友貞, Lu Hongyi 盧鴻一, Wang Xiyi 王希夷, Wei Dajing 衛大經, Li Yuankai 李元愷, Wang Shoushen 王守慎, Xu Renji 徐仁紀, Sun Chuxuan 孫處玄, Bai Lüzhong 白履忠, Wang Yuanzhi 王遠知, Pan Shizheng 潘師正, Liu Daohe 劉道合, Sima Chengzhen 司馬承禎, Wu Yun 吳筠, Kong Shurui 孔述睿, [Kong Minxing 孔敏行], Yang Cheng 陽城, Cui Jin 崔覲
193.Lienü 列女 Eminent Females: Li Dewu qi Peishi 李德武妻裴氏, Yang Qing qi Wangshi 楊慶妻王氏 [Dugu Shiren rumu Wangshi 獨孤師仁乳母王氏], Yang San'an qi Lishi 楊三安妻李氏, Wei Heng qi Wangshi 魏衡妻王氏, Fan Huiren mu Jingshi 樊會仁母敬氏, Jiangzhou xiaonü Weishi 絳州孝女衛氏, Puzhou xiaonü Jiashi 濮州孝女賈氏, Zheng Yizong qi Lushi 鄭義宗妻盧氏, Liu Ji qi Xiahoushi 劉寂妻夏侯氏, Chu wang Lingguifei Shangguanshi 楚王靈龜妃上官氏, Yang Shaozong qi Wangshi 楊紹宗妻王氏, Yu Minzhi qi Zhangshi 于敏直妻張氏, Jizhou nüzi Wangshi 冀州女子王氏, Fan Yanshen qi Weishi 樊彥琛妻魏氏, Zou Baoying qi Xishi 鄒保英妻奚氏 [Gu Xuanying qi Gaoshi 古玄應妻高氏], Song Tingyu qi Weishi 宋庭瑜妻魏氏, Cui Hui qi Lushi 崔繪妻盧氏, Fengtian xian Doushi ernü 奉天縣竇氏二女, Lu Fu qi Lishi 盧甫妻李氏 [Wang Fan shi Peishi 王泛妻裴氏], Zou Daihui qi Fushi 鄒待徵妻薄氏, Li Rui qi 李湍妻, Dong Changling mu Yangshi 董昌齡母楊氏, Wei Yong qi 韋雍妻, Lanling xian jun Xiaoshi 蘭陵縣君蕭氏, Heng Fanghou qi 衡方厚妻, Wuhang xian jun Chengshi 武昌縣君程氏, Nü daoshi Li Xuanzhen 女道士李玄真, Xiaonü Wang Hezi 孝女王和子 [Zheng shenzuo nü 鄭神佐女]
194.Türks 突厥
195.Uyghurs 迴紇
196.Tibet 吐蕃
197.Southern and Southwestern Barbarians (Nanman 南蠻, Xinanman 西南蠻): Linyi 林邑, Poli 婆利, Panpan 盤盤, Zhenla 真臘, Tuohuan 陀洹, Heling 訶陵, Duoheluo 墮和羅, Duopodeng 墮婆登, Dongxie Man 東謝蠻, Xizhao Man 西趙蠻, Zangke Man 䍧牱蠻, Nanping Yuan 南平獠, Dongnüguo 東女國, Nanzhao Man 南詔蠻, Piao 驃國
198.Western Barbarians (Xirong 西戎): Nipoluo 泥婆羅, Dangxiang/Qiang 党項羌, Gaochang 高昌, Tuyuhun 吐谷渾, Yanqi 焉耆, Qiuci 龜茲, Shule 疏勒, Yutian 于闐, India 天竺, Jibin 罽賓, Kang 康國, Persia 波斯, Fulin 拂菻, Dashi 大食
199A.Eastern Barbarians (Dongyi 東夷): Koryŏ 高麗, Paekche 百濟, Silla 新羅, Wa 倭國, Japan 日本
199B.Northern Barbarians (Beidi 北狄): Tiele 鐵勒, Qidan 契丹, Xi 奚, Shiwei 室韋, Mohe 靺鞨, Bohai Mohe 渤海靺鞨, Xi 霫, Wuluohun 烏羅渾
200A.[Rebels] An Lushan 安祿山, [An Qingxu 安慶緒], Gao Shang 高尚, [Gao Xianzhe 高孝哲], Shi Siming 史思明, [Shi Chaoyi 史朝義]
200B.[Rebels] Zhu Ci 朱泚, Huang Chao 黃巢, Qin Zongquan 秦宗權
Zhang Zexian 張澤咸 (1992). "Jiutangshu 舊唐書", in Zhongguo da baike quanshu 中國大百科全書, Zhongguo lishi 中國歷史 (Beijing/Shanghai: Zhongguo da baike quanshu chubanshe), Vol. 1, 499.