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Aobotu 熬波圖

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Aobotu 熬波圖 "On the Boiling of Seawater" is an illustrated book about salt production written by the Yuan period 元 (1279-1368) scholar Chen Chun 陳椿. He compiled the book on the base of older texts when he was overseer of the salines at Xiasha 下砂場. It contains 47 illustrations with explanations to all steps of the production of salt from erecting furnaces, collecting firewood and boiling down the brine. The Aobotu is included in the Ming period 明 (1368-1644) encyclopedia Yongle dadian 永樂大典. Five illustrations are missing. In this version it was reproduced in the collectanea Siku quanshu 四庫全書. The text, without illustrations, is included in the Xuetang congkan 雪堂叢刊, with the title of Aobotu yong 熬波图咏.
Yoshida Tora's 吉田寅 study and translation of the Aobotu from 1983 (Gendai seien gijutsu shiryō "Gōhazu" no kenkyū: tsuketari "Gōhazu" yakuchū 現代製塩技術資料「熬波図」の研究: 附「熬波図」訳註) was translated into English by Hans Ulrich Vogel (1993), Salt Production Techniques in Ancient China: The "Aobotu" (Leiden: Brill).

1. 各團竈座圖 Ge tuan zao zuo
2. 築壘圍墻圖 Zhu lei wei qiang
3. 起盖竈舍圖 Qi gai zao she
4. 團内便倉圖 Tuan nei bian cang
5. 褁築灰淋圖
6. 築疊池井圖
7. 盖池井屋圖 (illustration missing)
8. 開河通海圖
9. 埧堰蓄水圖 (illustration missing)
10. 就海引潮圖 (illustration missing)
11. 築獲海岸圖
12. 車接海潮圖
13. 疏浚潮溝圖 (illustration missing)
14. 開闢攤場圖
15. 車水耕平圖 (illustration missing)
16. 敲泥拾草圖
17. 海潮浸灌圖
18. 削土取平圖
19. 棹水潑水圖
20. 擔灰攤晒圖
21. 篠灰取匀圖
22. 篩水晒灰圖
23. 扒掃聚灰圖
24. 擔灰入淋圖
25. 淋灰取滷圖
26. 滷船鹽{舟+召}圖
27. 打滷入船圖
28. 擔載運滷圖
29. 打滷入團圖
30. 樵斫柴薪圖
31. 束縛柴薪圖
32. 砍斫柴玍圖
33. 塌車{車雷}車圖
34. 人車運柴圖
35. {車雷}車運柴圖
36. 鐡盤模様圖
37. 鑄造鐵柈圖
38. 砌柱承柈圖
39. 排湊盤面圖
40. 煉打草灰圖
41. 装泥柈縫圖
42 .上滷煎鹽圖
43. 撈晒撩鹽圖
44. 乾柈起鹽圖
45. 出扒生灰圖
46. 日収散鹽圖
47. 起運散鹽圖

Illustration No. 20 擔灰攤晒圖 Dan hui tan shai "Transporting the grey (raw material) to expose it to the sun" (click on pictue to enlarge, opens in new tablet)
Illustration No. 27 打滷入船圖 Da lu ru chuan "Filling the brine into boats" (click on pictue to enlarge, opens in new tablet)
Illustration No. 37 鑄造鐵柈圖 Zhu zao tie ban "Melting down iron to make shovels" (click on pictue to enlarge, opens in new tablet)
Illustration No. 42 上滷煎鹽圖 Shang lu jian yan "Filling in the brine to boil it down to salt" (click on pictue to enlarge, opens in new tablet)

Source: Li Xueqin 李學勤, Lü Wenyu 呂文鬰 (1996), Siku da cidian 四庫大辭典 (Changchun: Jilin daxue chubanshe), Vol. 1, p. 1443.

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