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Liu Fu 劉輔

Feb 18, 2012 © Ulrich Theobald

Liu Fu 劉輔 was a high official of the late Former Han period 前漢 (206 BCE-8 CE). He was a descendant of Liu De 劉德, Prince Xian of Hejian 河間獻王.

Known for his excellent education, he was appointed magistrate (ling 令) of Xiangben 襄賁. With his expertise in the Confucian writings and histories, he was able to submit a memorial explaining the strengths and shortcomings of contemporary government and was therefore elevated to Grand master of remonstrance (jian dafu 諫大夫).

When Emperor Cheng 漢成帝 (r. 33-7 BCE) demoted his empress and replaced her by his concubine Zhao Feiyan 趙飛燕, Liu Fu harshly criticised the emperor for his inappropriate negligence of the court ladies' ranks. He was therefore put into jail but soon released upon the intercession of general Xin Qingji 辛慶忌 and Chamberlain for attendants (guanglu xun 光祿勳) Shi Dan 師丹.

Until the end of his life he was never more appointed to any government post.

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