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Ji Pingzi 季平子 Jisun Yiru 季孫意如

Oct 21, 2012 © Ulrich Theobald

Jisun Yiru 季孫意如 (died 505 BCE), posthumous title Ji Pingzi 季平子, was head of a lateral branch of the ruling dynasty of the regional state of Lu 魯 during the Spring and Autumn period 春秋 (770-5th cent. BCE), the house of Jisun 季孫, one of the Three Huan families 三桓.

He was a son of Ji Daozi 季悼子 and a grandson of Ji Wuzi 季武子 (Shusun Su 叔孫宿). Jisun Yiru was chief minister between 517 and 505 and ruled during the succession crisis after the death of Duke Xiang 魯襄公 (r. 573-542). In 532 he led the campaign against the statelet of Ju 莒 and conquered the town of Geng 郠 (near modern Yishui 沂水, Shandong).

When he succeeded Jisun She 叔孫舍 (Shusun Zhaozi 叔孫昭子) in the office of chief minister he attracted the hatred of the noble families of Hou 郈 and Zang 臧, for which reason the Three Huan families (Jisun, Shusun 叔孫 and Mengsun 孟孙) attacked the Hou and Zang. Duke Zhao 魯莊公 (r. 694-662) fled to the state of Qi 齊, and Jisun Yiru took over regency for the vacant throne.

In 511, the duke of Jin 晉 announced that he would escort Duke Zhao back to Lu, and Jisun Yiru traveled to Ganhou 乾侯 to welcome his lord, but Duke Zhao refused to return. The people of Lu were already accustomed to live without their lord because Jisun Yiru had reigned in a very popular way. He was succeeded in office by his son Jisun Si 季孫斯 (Ji Huanzi 季桓子).

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