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Shuzhong Huibo 叔仲惠伯

Oct 26, 2012 © Ulrich Theobald

Shuzhong Huibo 叔仲惠伯 (died 609 BCE), personal name Ji Peng 姬彭, also called Shu Peng Sheng 叔彭生, was a grandson of Xi Shu Ya 僖叔牙 (a son of Duke Huan 魯桓公, r. 712-694) and a son of Wu Zhong Xiu 武仲休. He served as a grand master (dafu 大夫) to Duke Wen 魯文公 (r. 627-609) of the regional state of Lu 魯 during the Spring and Autumn period 春秋 (770-5th cent. BCE). His honorific title Shu Zhong 叔仲 "Uncle Middle Brother" was also used as the family name Shuzhong.

In 620, Gongsun Ao 公孫敖 was sent to broker a marriage between a daughter of the Lord of Ju 莒 and "Ducal Son" Gongzi Sui 公子遂 (Xiang Zhong 襄仲, a son of Duke Zhuang 魯莊公, r. 712-694). Yet the girl was so beautiful that Gongsun Ao took her for himself. Xiang Zhong was permitted to attack Gongsun Ao to punish him, but Shuzhong Huibo persuaded Xiang Zhong to dispense with the marriage and Gongsun Ao to send back the girl.

In 618, Shuzhong Huibo met with the nobleman Xi Que 郤缺 from Jin 晉 at Chengkuang 承匡 to intiate a common alliance (meng 盟) of the regional rulers (zhuhou 諸侯) against the state of Chu 楚.

In 613, the small state of Zhu 邾 attacked Lu. Shuzhong Huibo took over the command over the defence troops. When Duke Wen died, in 609, Crown Prince E 惡 mounted the throne (r. 609), a son of the late Duke's main consort Ai Jiang 哀姜. His secondary consort Jing Ying 敬贏 had an affair with the nobleman Xiang Zhong 襄仲, who planned to kill Duke E and enthroning Jing Ying's son, Prince Sui 俀 (also written Wo 倭).

Shuzhong Huibo vehemently criticized Xiang Zhong for this plan, but the latter sought for support by the mighty state of Qi 齊 in the north. Xiang Zhong thereupon killed Duke E and his brother Prince Shi 視, as well as his enemy Shuzhong Huibo, and enthroned the son of Jing Ying who is posthumously known as Duke Xuan 宣公 (r. 609-591). The family Shuzhong was spared, and Huibo's son Pi 皮 became the head of the family.

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