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Persons in Chinese History - The House of Zhi 智 or Zhi 知

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The house of Zhi 智 (also written Zhi 知) was a noble family in the state of Jin 晉 during the Spring and Autumn period 春秋 (770-5th cent. BCE). They were descendants of Xun Shou 荀首, a younger brother of Xun Linfu 荀林, ancestor of the house of Zhonghang 中行. While Xun was the family name, Zhi was the name of their fief. Xun Li and Xun Yao had a great influence on the ducal court of Jin. Members of the house of Zhi belonged to the Six Ministers Commander (liuqing 六卿). Of the six noble houses producing the military leaders for these units, the houses of Zhi, Zhao 趙, Wei 魏 and Han 韓 in 490 annihilated the houses of Fan 范 and Zhonghang 中行. The house of Zhi was destroyed by the three other noble families in 454.
The most important members of the house of Zhi were:

Shi Ao 逝遨
Zhi Zhuangzi 智莊子 (Xun Shou 荀首 or Xun Shuo 荀朔)
Zhi Wuzi 智武子 (Xun Ying 荀罃)
Zhi Daozi 智悼子 (Xun Ying 荀盈)
Zhi Wenzi 智文子 (Xun Li 荀櫟)
Zhi Xuanzi 智宣子 (Xun Shen 荀申)
Zhi Bo 智伯 (Xun Yao 荀瑤)

Source: Chen Mingyuan 陳明遠, Wang Zonghu 汪宗虎 (ed. 1995), Zhongguo xingshi cidian 中國姓氏辭典 (Beijing: Beijing chubanshe), pp. 557.

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