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Persons in Chinese History - The House of Zhonghang 中行

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The house of Zhonghang 中行 was a noble family that were vassals to the dukes of Jin 晉 during the Spring and Autumn period 春秋 (770-5th cent. BCE). It produced several persons serving in high government positions. The viscounts (zi 子) of Zhonghang were known as one of the Six Ministers Commander (liuqing 六卿) that highly influenced the ducal house of Jin. The others were the houses of Zhao 趙, Han 韓, Zhi 知, Fan 范 and Wei 魏.
Zhonghang is the designation of the middle division of the six armies of the state of Jin. The family Zhonghang were descendants of Xi Shu 隰叔 (Xun Shu 郇叔) who offered the duke of Jin his services. The first person of the family commanding the Middle Division was Xun Linfu 荀林父. The family name was Xun 荀, a name derived from the fief of Xun 郇 that was annihilated by Duke Wu of Jin 晉武公 (r. 717-677) and later bestowed to the descendants of Xi Shu.
The houses of Zhonghang and Fan 范 were destroyed by the viscounts of Zhao, Han, Zhi and Wei in 490.
The most important members of the house of Zhonghang were:

Xi Shu 隰叔 (Xun Shu 郇叔)
Shi Ao 逝遨
Xun Xi 荀息
Xun Huanbo 荀桓伯 or Zhonghang Huanbo 中行桓伯 (Xun Linfu 荀林父)
Xun Xuanbo 荀宣伯 or Zhonghang Xuanbo 中行宣伯 (Xun Gengsu 荀庚宿)
Xun Xianbo 荀獻伯 or Zhonghang Xianbo 中行獻伯 (Xun Yan 荀偃)
Xun Mubo 荀穆伯 or Zhonghang Mubo Wu 中行穆伯 (Xun Wu 荀吳)
Xun Wenzi 荀文子 or Zhonghang Wenzi 中行文子 (Xun Yin 荀寅)

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