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Zijian 子騫

Jan 12, 2012 © Ulrich Theobald

Min Sun 閔損 (523-487 BCE), courtesy name Zijian 子騫, was one of the ten wise disciples of Confucius (Kong men shi zhe 孔門十哲).

Confucius lauded him for his high spirits and his virtuous conduct. Zijian, he said, would never serve a frivolous ruler. Zijian was rather a conservative state philosopher who praised the tradition and old style instead of altering the political matters and therefore criticized the new style of politics adopted by the regent of Lu 魯, Ji Kangzi 季康子.

With his utmost filial piety, he served his step-mother although she behaved very cruelly towards him, and treated his half-brother very warmheartedly.

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