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Tang da zhaoling ji 唐大詔令集

Jul 11, 2010 © Ulrich Theobald

Tang da zhaoling ji 唐大詔令集 "Collected grand edicts and decretes of the Tang dynasty" is a collection of edicts and decretes from the Tang period 唐 (618-907). It consists of 130 juan and was compiled by Song Minqiu 宋敏求 (1019-1079), courtesy name Cidao 次道, from Zhaozhou 趙州 (today's Zhaoxian 趙縣, Hebei), during the Northern Song period 北宋 (960-1126).

The task to compile an anthology of imperial edicts of the Tang period was already begun by Song Minqiu's father, the historian Song Shou 宋綬 (991-1041), courtesy name Gongchui 公垂. After Song Shou's death his son continued with the compilation.

The edicts cover all topics of actual state politics, from military affairs, economical questions to social affairs. Although the Tang da zhaoling ji is a very important book because it contains material otherwise lost, it is a pity that the edicts are not quoted in the original shape but often abbreviated or brought into a more literal form.

For many centuries only handwritten copies were in circulation. Therefore many writing errors crept in, and juan 23 is lost, and parts of other fascicles are missing (14-24, 87-98). The first printing was produced when it was included in the Siku quanshu 四庫全書 collection, and in the series Shiyuan congshu 適園叢書. In 1959 the Shangwu Yinshuguan Press 商務印書館 published a modern edition which suffers, unfortunately, still of printing errors.

Table 1. Contents of the Tang da zhaoling ji 唐大詔令集
1-26 帝王 Diwang The Emperor
1 即位冊文 Jiwei cewen Letters of patent for enthronement
2-3 即位赦 Jiwei she Amnesty to celebrate enthronement
3-5 改元 Gaiyuan Changing of reign motto
5 改名 Gaiming The change of name
6 尊號批荅 Zunhao pida Official replies concerning honorific titles
7-8 尊號冊文 Zunhao cewen Letters of patent for honorific titles
9-10 冊尊號赦 Ce zunhao she Amnesty in combination with letters of patent for honorific titles
10 痊復 Quanfu Restoration after illness
11-12 遺詔 Yizhao Remains of decrees
12 遺誥 Yigao Remains of announcements
13-x 諡議 Yiyi Discussion on posthumous titles
14-24 (missing)
25 妃嬪 Feibin Consorts
26 追諡 Zhuiyi Conferring a posthumous title
册諡文 Ce yiwen Letters of patent for a poshumous title
哀册文 Ai cewen Mourning letters
27-32 皇太子 Huangtaizi The Heir Apparent
27 立太子 Li taizi The investiture of a heir apparent
28 册文 Cewen Letters of patent for a heir apparent
29 册太子赦 Ce taizi she Amnesty in combination with a letter of patent for a heir apparent
加冠 Jiaguan The capping rite
改名 Gaiming Adopting an adult name
齒胄 Chizhou School enrolment
30 監國 Jianguo Regency of a heir apparent
傳位 Zhuanwei Changing the post
31 納妃 Nafei Marriage
册妃嬪 Ce feibin Letter of patent for a consort
退讓 Tuirang Abdication
廢退 Feitui Demotion
追復 Zhuifu Posthumous restoration
32 追贈 Zhuizeng Posthumous increase in rank
册贈 Cezeng Letters of patent for an increase in rank
哀册文 Ai cewen Mourning letters
罷祭 Baji The termination of sacrifices
33-40 諸王 Zhuwang The many princes
33 封建 Fengjian Investiture
34 册文 Cewen Letters of patent
35-36 除親王官 Chu qinwang guan Removing the officials of an imperial prince
37 册親王官 Ce qinwang guan Letters of patent for officials of imperial princes
38 加實封 Jia shifeng Endowment with land
遜佐 Xunzuo xxx
封郡王 Feng junwang The investiture of commandery princes
册郡王 Ce junwang Letters of patent for commandery princes
除郡王官 Chu junwang guan Removing the officials of a commandery prince
封嗣王 Feng siwang Investiture of princes presumptive
册嗣王 Ce siwang Letters of patent for princes presumptive
除嗣王官 Chu siwang guan Removing of officials of a prince presumptive
諸王男 Zhu wang nan The sons of princes
39 降黜 Jiangchu Demotion and dismissal
追復 Zuifu Restoration
收葬 Shouzang Funeral rites
追贈 Zhuizeng Posthumous increase in rank
册贈 Cezeng Letters of patent for increase in rank
40 册妃 Cefei Letters of patent for princely consorts
王妃入道 Wangfei rudao xxx of princely consorts
收葬王妃 Shouzang wangfei Funeral rites for princely consorts
睦親族 Mu qinzu xxx
誡勵 Jieli Adhortation and encouragement
41-43 公主 Gongzhu Princesses
41 封號 Fenghao Investiture and title
册文 Cewen Letters of patent
42 出降 Chujiang Demotion
出降册文 Chujiang cewen Letters of demotoin
加實封 Jia shifeng Endowment with land
和蕃 Hefan Marriage with foreign sovereigns
和蕃册文 Hefan cewen Letters of patent for marriage with foreign sovereigns
遣黜 Qianchu Dismissal
追封 Zhuifeng Posthumous investiture
諡議 Yiyi Discussion on posthumous titles
43 郡縣主 Junxian zhu Mastery over commanderies and districts
44-65 大臣 Dachen Grand Ministers
44-50 宰相:命相 Zaixiang: Mingxiang Counsellors-in-chief: Orders to counsellors
51 館職 Guanzhi Secretarial posts
52 判使, 罷判 Panshi, Bapan xxx , app.
領鎮 Lingzhen Obtaining a local post
53-54 出鎮 Chuzhen Transfer to local posts
55-56 罷免 Bamian Dismissal
57 休致 Xiuzhi Retirement
57-58 貶降 Bianjiang Blame and demotion
59 將帥:命將 Jiangshuai: Mingjiang Military commanders: Orders to generals
60 賞功 Shanggong Rewards for merits
貶責 Bianze Blame for failure
61 尊禮大臣 Zunli dachen The honoration of grand ministers by rituals
異姓王 Yixing wang Kings not relative to the imperial house
異姓妃 Yixing fei Imperial consorts of a different family name(?)
冊三公 Ce sangong Letters of patent to the Three Dukes
62 冊國公 Ce guogong Letters of patent to dukes
冊羣臣 Ce qunchen Letters of patent to state officials
63 冊贈 Ce zeng Letters of patent for increase in rank
陪陵 Peiling Tombs of state officials located close to an imperial tomb
配享 Peixiang Spirit tablets of state officials posed close to that of an emperor
實封 Shifeng Investiture with land
64 鐵劵, (附)屬籍 Tiejuan, fu Shuji Iron scrolls [recording merits], app. Charts
65 錄勲 Luxun The record of merits
錄舊 Lujiu The record of earlier merits (?)
66-80 典禮 Dianli Ceremonies and rituals
66 封禪 Fengshan Sacrifices to Heaven and Earth of Mt. Taishan
后土 Houtu Sacrifices to the Earth
67-72 南郊 Nanjiao Sacrifices in the southern suburbs
73 東郊 Dongjiao Sacrifices in the eastern suburbs
北郊 Beijiao Sacrifices in the northern suburbs
明堂 Mingtang The Bright Hall
社稷 Sheji Sacrifices at the local altars
74 藉田 Jitian The imperial ploughing ritual
九宮貴神 Jiugong guishen Sacrifices to the sprits of the Nine Palaces
嶽瀆山川 Yudu shanchuan Sacrifices to mountains and rivers
雜祀 Zasi Miscellaneous sacrifices
75 太清宮 Taiqinggong Sacrifices in the Palace of the Supreme Clarity
廟制 Miaozhi The system of ancestral altars
常薦 Changjian xxx
祧遷 Taoqian Transferring ancestral spirit tablets
親享 Qinxiang The emperor's personal performance of feeding rituals before imperial ancestral tablets
76 省侍 Shengshi xxx
服紀 Fuji xxx
76-77 陵寢 Linqin Imperial tombs
78 追尊祖先加諡祖宗, Zuizun zuxian jiayi zuzong Conferring posthumous titles
79 巡幸 Xunxing Imperial inspection tours
80 朝賀 Chaohe Congratulation at the court
貢獻 Gongxian Tributes
宴集 Yanji Imperial banquets
養老 Yanglao The ceremony of nourishing the elderly
記節 Jijie xxx
弋獵 Yilie Imperial hunts
喪制 Sangzhi The funeral system
81-126 政事 Zhengshi Politics
81 禮樂 Liyue Rituals and music
經史 Jingshi Confucian Classics and historiography
82 刑法 Xingfa Penal law
頒歷 Banli Proclamation of the calendar
83-86 恩宥 Enyou Benevolence and generosity
86 時令 Shiling Edicts concerned with seasons
87-98 (missing)
99 建易州縣 Jian-Yi zhouxian Prefectures and districts of Jianzhou and Yizhou
修復故事 Xiufu gushi The reconstitution of ancient matters
100-101 官制 Guanzhi The system of officialdom
102-103 舉薦 Jujian Promotion on recommendation
103-104 按察 Ancha Censorship of the officialdom
104 褒勸 Baoquan Reward and encouragement
105 求直 Qiuzhi Seeking for uprightness
崇儒 Chongru The veneration of Confucian scholars
106 制舉 Zhiju The civil examination
貢舉 Gongju The promotion of prefectural and provincial graduates
107 備禦 Beiyu Preparation for war
108 營繕 Yingshan Construction work
108-109 禁約 Jinyue Local covenants
110 誡諭 Jieyu Admonitions and exhortations
休假 Xiujia Leave from office
111 田農 Tiannong Agriculture
賦斂 Fulian Tax collection
平糴 Pingdi Price regulation of grain
112 財利 Caili Commerce
113 道釋 Dao-Shi Daoism and Buddhism
114 祥瑞 Furui Omina and portents
醫方, (附)疾病/ Yifang, fu Jibing Medicine (app. Diseases)
收瘞 Shouyi Funeral rites
禁錮 Jingu The prohibition of court factions
雜錄 Zalu Miscellaneous records
115-117 慰撫 Weifu Pacification commissioners
118 招諭 Zhaoyu Edicts on (military) action
119-120 討伐 Taofa Punitive campaigns
121-122 捨雪 Shexue Clearing snow
123 購募 Goumu Recruitment of milita
123-124 平亂 Pingluan Putting down disorder
126 誅戮 Zhulu Execution
128-130 蕃夷 Fanyi Barbarian affairs
128 綏附 Suifu Pacification
命官 Mingguan Orders to state officials
封立 Fengli Investiture
129 册文 Cewen Letters of patent
盟文 Mengwen Oaths of agreement
賑䘏 Zhenxu Remittance of tributes
捨雪 Shexue Clearing snow
130 討伐 Taofa Punitive campaigns
平亂 Pingluan Putting down disorder
告廟 Gaomiao Reports to the ancestral altars
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