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Xingshui jinjian 行水金鑒

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Xingshui jinjian 行水金鑒 "Golden mirror of channelling water" is a book on water conservancy compiled by the Qing period 清 (1644-1911) scholar Fu Zehong 傅澤洪 and revised by Zheng Yuanqing 鄭元慶. The main text of the book is 175 juan "scrolls" long and is introduced by maps of the Yellow River 黃河, the River Han 漢水, the Yangtze, the River Ji 濟水 and the Grand Canal 運河. The water conservancy works of the Yellow River and the management of the Grand Canal occupy the largest part of the book. It described hydraulic works from mythological times (Yu the Great 大禹) down to the end of the Kangxi reign 康熙 (1662-1722). The book quotes from more than 370 different historiographical sources and sums up the experiences of the past.
There is a contination from 1831, the Xu xingshui jinjian 續行水金鑒, written by Li Shixu 黎世序 and Yu Zhengxie 俞正燮. This book has a length of 157 juan and describes water conservancy projects implemented of the Qing period, after 1721. It is more detailed regarded engineering and construction works and provides a lot of case-related guidelines (shiyi 事宜), statistic and numerical information. Unlike Fu Zehong's book the sequel only deals with the Yellow River, the Grand Canal and the area of River Huai. It was printed in 1832.
A second supplement, the Zaixu xingshui jinjian 再續行水金鑒, was compiled in 1936 by the Water Conservancy Bureau of the National Economic Commission 全國經濟委員會水利處 under the supervision of Zhang Zhaojing 鄭肇經, Wu Tongju 武同舉 and Zhao Shixian 趙世暹. It records the water conservancy works until the end of the Qing empire and was revised in 1942 and then again in the early 1950s. The Xingshui jinjian and the first supplement were critically revised in 1952 and published in a modern version in 1955 by the Water Conservancy Experimental Bureau of Nanjing 南京水利實驗處.


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