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Guyutu 古玉圖

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Guyutu 古玉圖 (also called Ji guyu tu 集古玉圖) is a book on ancient jade objects compiled during the Yuan period 元 (1279-1368) by Zhu Rerun 朱德潤, courtesy name Zemin 澤民, from Kunshan 昆山, Jiangsu.

The book of 2 juan length, finished in 1341, presents 40 objects of private collections and that of the imperial household (mifu 秘府). It is arranged according to the types of objects, from rings and hooks to pendants and other types. The author provides the dimensions of each object and describes their shape and the characteristics of the material. For some of the collectibles, the owner is also indicated. Even if the catalogue is held in a very simple style, Zhu's Guyutu has some value because it is the oldest book on antique jade objects. The oldest print dates from 1602 (Baogutang 寶古堂). A modernized version was published in 1763 by Huang Sheng's 黃晟 Yizhengtang 亦政堂.

The text is found in the series Shuofu 說郛 with the title Guyu tukao 古玉圖攷.

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