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Chinese Literature
Taipingjing 太平經 "The Classic of the Great Peace"

An anonymous classic of Daoist belief of the Later Han Dynasty 漢. Its main topic is holding up the veneration of Heaven and Earth and the attention to the Five Agents to make the state prosperous. In this case, we see that Daoist books are not only concerned about quiet life and the search for immortality, but that Daoist teachings are highly intermingled with Confucian teachings, especially the Book of Changes 易經 with the belief in the influence of Yin and Yang. The theory of the "non-acting" (wuwei 無為) ruler is by no means only restricted to Daoist books and philosophy, but it occurs also in Confucian and Legalist thinking. Of course, the Taipingjing also teaches ways to find immortality and how to nourish one's body and soul to obtain eternal life by meditation, breath exercises, herbal treatment and so on. Some interpreters see this book as a manifest of social equality and admonishion to make one's life by working instead of living by other people's work. The Taipingjing was the "bible" of the peasant uprising during Later Han which was led by Zhang Jiao 張角.

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