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Zhongguo fanglüe congshu 中國方略叢書 "Collectaneum of Military Annals"

The Zhongguo fanglüe congshu 中國方略叢書 "Collectaneum of military annals" is a collectaneum of military annals (fanglüe 方略) published by the Wencheng Press 成文出版社 in Taibei between 1961 and 1971. It consists of two series, the first of which was published between 1961 and 1968, and the second between 1970 and 1971. The first series includes 24 titles in 120 volumes, the second 6 titles in 92 volumes. It concentrates on books that are rarely to be found and that are not part of the imperial collectaneum Siku quanshu 四庫全書, either because the books are younger, or considered not worth being included in it. There are, nevertheless, a few exceptions: The Huang-Qing kaiguo fanglüe 皇清開國方略 and the Qinzheng pingding Shuomo fanglüe 親征平定朔漠方略 are important military annals of the founding and the expansion of the Qing empire 清 (1644-1911) that are included in the Siku quanshu. The first series begins with a collection of annals that describe the war against the White Lotus sect 白蓮教, the Nian rebellion 捻, Muslim (Hui 回) rebels and the Miao tribes 苗 in southwest China, the Pingding qisheng fanglüe 平定七省方略 "Military annals of the suppression of the [rebels] in the seven provinces [Yunnan, Guizhou, Gansu, Shaanxi, Xinjiang and Guangxi/Guangdong]". There are several books on Ming period 明 (1368-1644) campaigns in the first collection, like Jiajing dongnan ping Wo lu 嘉靖東南平倭錄, Wanli san da zheng kao 萬曆三大征考 and Mingji beilüe 明季北略, and some treatises from the late Qing period, like Wang Kaiyun's 王闓運 Xiangjunzhi 湘軍志 and Wang Ding'an's 王定安 Xiangjunji 湘軍記 that describe the history of the new Hunan Army. Other books in the first series are very rare, like the Pipanji 平叛記, the Nanjiang yishi 南疆繹史, the Hunan Miao fang tunzheng kao 湖南苗防屯政考, a book on the control over the Miao tribes in Hunan, or the Zhedong choufang lu 浙東籌防錄, a book on maritime defense in Zhejiang. The second series includes some military annals from the late 18th and the 19th century, and several rare books on special aspects of military history in late imperial China, like the Xiangyang bingshi lüe 襄陽兵事略, a military history of the city of Xiangyang, Hubei.

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中國方略叢書 Zhongguo fanglüe congshu
(Taiwan) 成文出版社 Wencheng chubanshe (comp.)
Vol. 書名, length in juan Title Author(s)
1 (欽定)平定七省方略: (Qinding) Pingding qisheng fanglüe: (Qing) 奕訢 Isin (imp. ord.)
(欽定)剿平捻匪方略 (Qinding) Jiaoping Nianfei fanglüe (Qing) 奕訢 Isin (imp. ord.)
(欽定)平定回匪紀略 (平定雲南回匪方略) (Qinding) Pingding huifei jilüe (Pingding Yunnan huifei fanglüe) (Qing) 奕訢 Isin (imp. ord.)
(欽定)平定苗匪方略 (平定貴州苗匪紀略) (Qinding) Pingding Miaofei fanglüe (Pingding Guizhou Miaofei jilüe) (Qing) 奕訢 Isin (imp. ord.)
(欽定)平定陜甘新疆回匪方略 (Qinding) Pingding Shaan-Gan-Xinjiang huifei fanglüe (Qing) 奕訢 Isin (imp. ord.)
(欽定)剿平粵匪方略 (Qinding) Jiaoping Yuefei fanglüe (Qing) 奕訢 Isin (imp. ord.)
2 嘉靖東南平倭錄 Jiajing dongnan ping Wo lu (Ming) 徐學聚 Xu Xueju
3 金文靖公北征錄 (北征錄)
Jin Wenjingong beizheng lu (Beizhenglu)
(Ming) 金幼孜 Jin Youzi
4 萬曆三大征考 Wanli san da zheng kao (Ming) 茅瑞征 Mao Ruizheng
5 奉天邊務輯要 Fengtian bianwu jiyao
6 洪經略奏對筆記 Hong Jinglüe zoudui biji
7 皇清開國方略 Huang-Qing kaiguo fanglüe (Qing) 阿桂 Agūi (imp. ord.)
8 平叛記 Pingpanji
9 東南記事 Dongnan jishi
10 西南記事 Xinan jishi
11 明季南略 Mingji nanlüe (Ming) 計六奇 Ji Liuqi
12 明季北略 Mingji beilüe (Ming) 計六奇 Ji Liuqi
13 先撥志始 Xianbo zhishi
14 南疆繹史 Nanjiang yishi
15 皇朝藩部要略 Huangchao fanbu yaolüe (Qing) 祁韻士 Qi Yunshi
16 平定關隴紀略 Pingding Guanlong jilüe (Qing) 易孔昭 Yi Kongzhao, 胡孚駿 Hu Fujun
17 山東軍與紀略 Shandong junyu jilüe
18 勘靖教匪述編 Kanjing jiaofei shubian (Qing) 石香村居士 Shixiangcun jushi
19 保甲書輯要 Baojiashu jiyao
20 團練事宜 Tuanlian shiyi
21 湘軍志 Xiangjunzhi (Qing) 王闓運 Wang Kaiyun
22 湘軍記 Xiangjunji (Qing) 王定安 Wang Ding'an
23 湖南苗防屯政考 Hunan Miao fangtunzheng kao
24 浙東籌防錄 Zhedong choufang lu
第二輯 Second Series
1 (欽定)剿平三省邪匪方略 (Qinding) Jiaoping Sansheng xiefei fanglüe (Qing) 慶桂 Cinggūi (imp. ord.)
2 (御製)親征平定朔漠方略 (Yuzhi) Xinzheng pingding Shuomo fanglüe (Qing) 溫達 Wenda (imp. ord.)
3 (欽定)剿捕臨清逆匪紀略 (Qinding) Jiaobu Linqing nifei jilüe (Qing) 舒赫德 Šuhede, 于敏中 Yu Minzhong (imp. ord.)
4 (欽定)平定教匪紀略 (Qinding) Pingding jiaofei jilüe (Qing) 拖津 Tojin (imp. ord.)
5 平定教匪紀事 Pingding jiaofei jishi (Qing) 勒保 Leboo (imp. ord.)
6 襄陽兵事略 Xiangyang bingshi lüe
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